What’s New for #IBA19?

We’re back! The 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards are finally here! We’ve got such an exciting campaign planned for you this year. And as you can see, the website has had a celestial themed makeover, we hope you like it! As each campaign comes to a close, the IBA team all sit down to discuss what we can improve on to make next year’s event bigger and better than ever before. So, every year we make key changes to the awards which means at the start of the campaign we usually have some exciting new things to share with you. Here’s what’s new for IBA19…

Image courtesy of Clément Lauchard

New Categories

After each year’s awards, we carefully assess the categories and discuss which were popular and which weren’t. We then make the decision on which ones will be moving forward to next year’s awards and think about what new and exciting categories we can introduce. This year, we have two new categories to announce. Drum roll please… In the 2019 nominations stage, you’ll be able to nominate your favourite blogs into the Best Home Styling category and your favourite Instagram accounts into the Best Use of Instagram category if they excel in these areas. On a sadder note, this year we will be saying goodbye to the Best Craft and Best DIY & Home Improvement categories, but don’t worry! We’ve merged the two to create the Best Creative & Skill category. We’re sure the craft and DIY blogs you love will be right at home in the new category.

Image courtesy of Clément Lauchard

A Change in Territories

Last year, we decided to reintroduce additional territories and we’re pleased to announce that you can still nominate your favourite blogs from anywhere in the world into the 2019 Amara Interior Blog Awards. However, this year there will just be two territories: UK and International (the rest of the world), meaning there will be two winners for each award with the exception of the Bloggers’ Choice Award, which will be awarded to one blog in the entire competition.

Image courtesy of Clément Lauchard

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