What’s New for #IBA18?

We’re back! The official 2018 Amara Interior Blog Awards 2018 season is finally here and boy do we have an exciting campaign planned for you. You will have seen our fresh new website is up and running and this year we have a distinctly neon theme throughout – we hope you like it! At the end of each campaign the IBA team all sit down to discuss how the last campaign went, what issues we had and how we can adapt and grow for the year ahead. Because of this we normally make key changes to the next year’s awards which means at the start of the campaign we usually have some exciting new things to tell you. Here’s what’s new for IBA18…

New Judging System

This is the biggie for the new campaign – we are introducing a whole new judging system for this year! All awards operate differently and there are some that prefer the public to have the final say on who wins their awards or there are those that leave the winners up to the experts in those fields. Historically the IBAs have relied on a public vote to create the category shortlists which are then handed over to a panel of expert judges to decide on the winners, but this year we are trailing a new 50/50 weighted system to hopefully get the best of both worlds.


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For 2018 every blog in each category will be assessed by judges during the voting stage and given a score against that category’s criteria. The results of the public vote will also relate to a score with these numbers added together to create a leader board for each category. The top 5 scoring blogs in each category will form the 2018 shortlist and the highest scoring blogs will be crowned the winners on the awards night.

Because we are asking our judges to assess every single blog in the categories this year we have decided to allocate two judges to each category instead of a single judging panel, which will make the difficult task of choosing the best blogs from hundreds of entrees slightly easier. This year’s category judges include previous IBA winners and experts in each category, so you can rest assured that every category will be well looked after.


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Reintroducing Additional Territories

If you were blogging in the early days of the Amara Interior Blog Awards you might remember that we used to have three independent overseas category in which all blogs from these territories were nominated. In more recent years we scrapped the independent international categories and opened up every category to blogs of every nationality as we thought all blogs should be judged purely on their content. However as we have grown, this meant our categories got bigger and bigger which we felt could lead to every blog not getting the attention it deserved. So for this year there will be three territories for every category which will be UK, US and International (the rest of the world), meaning there will be three winners for each award with the exception of the Bloggers’ Choice, which will still go to one blog in the entire competition.


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Goodbye Old Categories, Hello New

Each year we carefully assess the categories we have in the awards, discuss which were popular, which weren’t and then we make the decision on which to move forward with the next year. After the excitement surrounding the three special awards we offered last year (Best Written, Photography and Designed) which the judges awarded to the best examples in the shortlist, we have now decided to add to these to the normal category lineup. Therefore in 2018’s nomination stage you will be able to nominate your favourite blogs into the Best Written or Best Photography categories if they excel in these areas. Sadly this year we will also be saying goodbye to the Best Luxury and Best Interior Magazine categories, however with so many other categories to choose from, we’re sure that all the blogs nominated in these categories last year will be right at home in some of the others.

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A Change of Venue

In 2017 the IBAs were held at the newly opened Design Museum and in 2018 we will be moving again to One Marylebone. The new location will give us more space for the even bigger shortlist (with the new territory sections we will have 15 shortlisted blogs for each category) and we can’t wait to transform the space ready for yet another fabulous awards ceremony.

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