Best Colour Inspiration Blog Award Winner, Well I Guess This Is Growing Up, Talks to the IBA Blog

Well I Guess This Is Growing Up took home the Best Colour Inspiration Blog award at the 2018 Interior Blog Awards and had the judges swooning over her spectacular use of colour in every blog post. The IBA Blog catches up with Karen, the mind behind the blog, to find out what inspired her love for colourful interiors and how she felt when she won the award…

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

I’ve been writing about my home renovations for around 8 years now, so we always need inspiration to keep us going! For the most part, I like to get out of the house. Travel is a great way to open your eyes to new ideas, layouts, colour schemes. Restaurants are always great places to find interiors inspiration too, and only last year we discovered a hexagon paneled wall at a local brunch spot, which ended up turning into our most popular DIY project, our lounge hex wall!  

Image courtesy of Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

What’s the best blogging tip you’ve ever been told?

Don’t compare your beginning to somebody’s middle. There is a lot of temptation to play the comparison game in the blogosphere, but what I’ve loved in particular about those I’ve met in the interiors community, is that it celebrates our individual tastes, rather than tallying them up against one another. I adore that ethos, and think it’s a good mindset to have in your own blog. Be your own storyteller.

Image courtesy of Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Colour Inspiration Blog award?

All I remember was my heart pounding furiously and I was hoping I wouldn’t trip over on the way up to the stage! What I will say though, is that I was just floored. Totally overwhelmed by everyone’s cheering and the kind words spoken about the work I do. It was a very humbling experience and I felt really proud of myself and grateful to be in such good company, as I’m a big admirer of the ladies I was up against.

Image courtesy of Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

Have you always had a love for colourful interiors? What inspired this?

Yes, but not always consciously. My first house was an abandoned property with no kitchen, bathroom or heating! The work I wrote about was very much centered around building work rather than decoration so by the time it came to add some finishing touches, we rushed them. Over the years, we re-painted one wall at a time, experimenting with colour and finally finding which palette made us feel truly at home. I consider that house our practice home, and now that we’ve moved and are in our second renovation, with less building this time around (for now at least whilst we save up!) we’ve finally found our stride and honed our taste.

Image courtesy of Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

What is your biggest blogging achievement?

The Amara win was absolutely a highlight! I’ve been nominated for 5 years in a row now in a variety of categories but never made it through to the awards ceremony. My personal goal was to get to the event, mingle with some of my favourite interiors chums, and go home feeling proud of myself. I never dreamed that I might actually take home the award! Not because I don’t believe in the work that I do, but because I honestly admire all the other women in my category. It can be tough to stay on the radar when you’re in the North of England and unable to visit the big smoke so often for events, so to achieve that accreditation was truly an honour.

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