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On Wednesday 31st May the Amara Interior Blog Awards hosted the very first IBA Expert Webinar at Amara’s HQ. Gathering together four experts in the industry, the webinar saw Kate Watson-Smyth, Grant Pierrus, Sarah Akwisombe and Amara’ s own Freddie Chatt discuss an array of blogging topics to help bloggers to grow and enhance their blogs. The webinar was streamed live on the day and now it is available to watch below to all those who couldn’t tune in.

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Kate Watson-Smyth discussed why content is king for blogging and how you should always write well to get ahead. Her journalistic background was an asset when she first started blogging, but she also quickly learnt that unlike journalism, she needed to give a part of herself away too in her blog and create posts that showed her personality.

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Grant Pierrus delved into how marketing and PR has changed for the digital world and how his marketing agency helps his clients through new and innovative techniques. He also touched on how PRs should now approach bloggers and how to approach PRs if you are just starting out (don’t be afraid!). He also spoke of the importance on knowing exactly who you are talking to, make it personal to them and make sure what you are offering is a fit for their blog or company.

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Sarah Akwisombe, already a dab hand at turning a blog into a successful business, explored how other bloggers can do the same. Explaining that success certainly doesn’t happen overnight, Sarah advises going into full time blogging with an open mind on what you will be doing in that first year. Sticking to your own brand and style is key and you need to critically asses everything you are asked to do to optimise your time and ensure that everything you do will add value to your blog and your brand.

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Amara’s SEO expert Freddie Chatt has frequently helped grow Amara’s own content channels and discussed the importance of SEO for achieving this. As the only non-blogger on the panel he offered a different outlook to the discussion and gave key insights into the technicalities of SEO and blogging, with Kate, Sarah and Grant even asking him their own questions on how to improve their SEO.

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Watch the IBA Expert Webinar

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We managed to get through lots of interesting questions during the webinar so please watch to see if your burning questions have been answered. If you still have something to ask our experts please comment below and we will get them answered for you.

We hope you enjoyed the first IBA Expert Webinar and we are sure there will be more to come in the future!

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