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Mary Etta Designs

About: Hi. I’m Mary Etta, the owner and lead interior decorator of Mary Etta Designs, When I started by firm back in 2000, I had quite a few decorating jobs. My passion for interior decorating led me into the niche of designing custom window treatments for people who wanted an elegant look that wasn’t too stuffy. That seemed to be the one area where DIY decorators were most challenged.

Lately, I find my love for decorating once again becoming the core of Mary Etta Designs. I believe that you can live with casual elegance. You can be comfortable in a home that looks and feels beautiful. The look and feel of southern stylings are my favourite. Layers of fabrics, textures and color are what gets me excited in the world of interior decorating these days.

Timeless and classic design allow my clients to have a newly decorated home that will not look dated when trends change. I work with you to decorate a home you can enjoy today and in the future. I was born in Georgia, raised in Ohio, lived for many years in Wisconsin and Ohio. And now sunny Southern California is my home. I live in Orange County, California with my husband and our dog, Cocoa, But l love the design aesthetic of places like Atlanta, New Orleans, Savannah, Charlotte and other cities of the south. Call me your ‘Southern Gal in the SoCal.’

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