The IBA Blog catches up with US Best Craft Blog Award Winner, Up to Date Interiors

With a passion for all things handmade, it’s no surprise that Up to Date Interiors took home the US Best Craft Blog Award at the 2018 Interior Blog Awards. We catch up with Kathy, founder of the blog, to find out what inspires her craft projects and where she hopes her blog will take her in the future…

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

Global travel inspires my DIYs and design. Living overseas and traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia enhanced my appreciation for culture and living methods. I try to incorporate my own observations and experiences into my design, resulting in a global eclectic style directly influenced by those elements which had the most impact upon my worldview.

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Craft Blog Award?

I believe as bloggers and designers we are lucky in that we are able to do what we love, and sometimes, that passion is able to positively influence many people. Sometimes we cannot tell if our work actually positively impacts the lives of our audience though we pour so much personal energy and passion into our efforts. I think that is why my blog’s nominations for Amara Interior Blog Awards came as such a shock! For me, just being nominated for the Amara “Best Craft Blog Award” for the United States was validation that something I was doing really did have impact; my work was inspiring others!

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

When did you love for arts & crafts begin and what inspired this?

My love for arts and crafts began at a very young age and was greatly influenced by my grandparents’ passion for art, travel, music, and culture. My hobbies of crafts, sewing, and painting as a young child grew into an adult obsession for home design magazines and interior design curriculum. I eventually took an interior design class and started a blog in my early 30s. I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients both online and in person as an interior decorator. But I truly enjoy creating things and doing as much DIY as possible.

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

What was your favourite craft project last year and why?

My favourite craft related post of 2018 is a Scandinavian Wreaths Door Hanging. I reused items I had brought back from Japan for this global DIY. My family and I enjoyed its soft glow at night through the holidays. I didn’t want to take it down!

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

I hope to continue blogging for many years. I’m so thankful for the blogging community and opportunities that have come from being an online influencer. My dream is to have a workshop where I can teach DIY home decor classes and offer interior styling services.

Image courtesy of Up to Date Interiors

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