Top 25 Interior Blog Posts of July

Summer was well and truly in the air in the interior blogging world this July. From how to find your holiday home style to how to celebrate the Fourth of July in the US, we take a look at the best interior blog posts we found over the last month…

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1. How to Maximize Style and Function in a Small Bedroom – DIY Passion


DIY Passion gave us a tour of her light and airy guest bedroom in July with a few key updates, proving that just because a bedroom is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish.

Image courtesy of DIY Passion
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Image courtesy of Enthralling Gumption

2. DIY Pom Pom Trim Pillow – Enthralling Gumption


This DIY pom pom pillow is perfect for adding fresh summer style to any room. With a distinctly Mediterranean feel, this post has an excellent step by step guide to making one yourself.

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3. Farmhouse Fourth of July in the Dining Room – Liz Marie Blog


July was a month of celebration in the US with many fabulous posts on Fourth of July decorations and dining. We loved this rustic farmhouse set up seen on the Liz Marie Blog, complete with adorable baby sheep.

Image courtesy of Liz Marie Blog
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Image courtesy of Bre Purposed

4. Simple and Modern Mantle Makeover – Bre Purposed


Mantelpieces are focal points of any room, so if they look drab they can drag the whole look down. This mantel makeover on Bre Purposed is a beautiful transformation to inspire anyone to update theirs.

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5. My New Improved Aqua Door – Fox Hollow Cottage


Proving that colour choices are key, Fox Hollow Cottage shows how a slight adjustment of shade can make a world of difference in the home and if you think a colour isn’t quite right – change it!

Image courtesy of Fox Hollow Cottage
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Image courtesy of So Much Better

6. Black, White & French Powder Room Makeover – So Much Better


A downstairs toilet or powder room can be a tricky space to decorate as you are usually dealing with limited space and lighting. This black, white and French inspired makeover is certainly one to remember when looking to redecorate this room.

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7. Create Good Chi in Your Home This Summer – Lifestyle Linked


The home is one of the most important places to practice Feng Shiu if you are looking to create a more positive ‘chi’ for your living spaces. Whether you already practice the art or not, this post is worth a read.

Image courtesy of Lifestyle Linked
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Image courtesy of Home Stories A to Z

8. How to Create a Stairway Picture Wall – Home Stories A to Z


Creating picture walls can be a difficult task, especially up the stairs which is of course the most popular place for them. Home Stories A to Z has some handy tips on how to create them.

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9. DIY Loop Handle Box – Homey Oh My


This handy little box on Homey Oh My is perfect for trinkets or bathroom accessories and you can make one all of you own thanks to the this informative DIY guide spotted on the blog.

Image courtesy of Homey Oh My
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Image courtesy of My Life From Home

10. Sunflower Summer Tablescape Idea – My Life From Home


Sunflowers are one of the best flowers to showcase in the summer months and their bright colours make them ideal for adding summer freshness to any setting. We love this sunflower filled summer table styling from My Life From Home we found in July.

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11. Affordable Compromise Kitchen on a Budget – Shabby Fufu Blog


A kitchen remodel is likely to be one of the most expensive undertakings in any home. This post from July shows that a new kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank and that some DIY expertise can go a long way.

Image courtesy of Shabby Fufu Blog
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Image courtesy of Dainty Dress Diaries

12. Kitchen Decor Update – Dainty Dress Diaries


Banishing the magnolia from her home, Dainty Dress Diaries updated her kitchen over the summer which was the last room to be tackled after the magnolia frenzy when they first moved in.

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13. Holy Bertazzoni! I’m Renovating My Parent’s Ugly Kitchen!  – Homme Maker


Homme Maker has been working on a breathtaking kitchen revamp for his parents’ home which includes an extension to make the whole space much larger. Even the plans are something to marvel over and we can’t wait to see the finished space.

Image courtesy of Homme Maker
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Image courtesy of Fabric of My Life

14. City of (de)light – Fabric of My Life


Moving from London to Manchester, Fabric of My Life had to find a whole new set of interior boutiques and has discovered a wealth of design lifestyle stores she think might be better than their southern counterparts. A must read if you live in or are travelling to Manchester soon!

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15. Life as an Interior Photographer & How to Get Good at It – Topology London


This is a must read for anyone looking on improving their interior photography skills or looking to embark on a career in this area. The interview with interior photographer Georgia Burns is certain to improve your blog photography.

Image courtesy of Topology London
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Image courtesy of The Green Eyed Girl

16. My Bathroom Tour and 5 Ways to Create the Hotel Bathroom Look at Home – The Green Eyed Girl

We love a chic hotel bathroom, and we love them even more when the look is transferred over to the home. This bathroom on The Green Eyed Girl is a super sleek version to try yourself.

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17. Scandinavian Influence Makes This New House in California Bright and Welcoming – Contemporist


This exceptional house in California is the perfect combination of glamorous US architecture and Scandinavian design. Check out the beautiful Venice Beach home by Electric Bowery…

Image courtesy of Contemporist
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Image courtesy of Nonagon

18. This Stylish Apartment is Perfect for Pets and Humans Alike – Nonagon


The dilemma of animal lovers everywhere, how do you keep your home stylish whilst still creating a haven for your pets? Take the tour of this Vietnamese apartment that covers all the bases.

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19. Holiday Home Style: Which Interior Trend are You? – The LuxPad


In this post The LuxPad takes a look at holiday home styles from tropical to Moroccan and also includes a quiz to find out which style suits your tastes the most.

Image courtesy of The LuxPad
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Image courtesy of Apartment Number 4

20. Great Ideas for Update your Bedside Table – Apartment Number 4


Like everything in the home, your bedside table can benefit from an update every now and then. Apartment Number 4 has some great tips on how to style the space for summer.

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21. 10 Styling Tips We Implemented Before Putting Our Flat on the Market – Fifi McGee


In the current climate, selling your home can be an uphill battle. Fifi McGee shares some much needed styling and quick update advice to help you get ahead of the game.

Image courtesy of Fifi McGee
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Image courtesy of Old Fashioned Susie

22. Hallway Floor Reveal with Harvey Maria – Old Fashioned Susie


Changing the flooring in a room can be a relatively simple yet impactful update which completely transforms the space as seen in this post by Old Fashioned Susie. The pattern really brings the hallway to life!

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23. An En-Suite Bathroom in the Loft Conversion – Patchwork Harmony


Loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular to add more space to the home without having to move and having an extra bathroom in this space is often a dream. Patchwork Harmony explores their new en-suite in their loft conversion.

Image courtesy of Patchwork Harmony
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Image courtesy of Arsenic Lace

24. Sunday Kind of Love – Arsenic Lace


Arsenic Lace shares her thoughts for Sunday on the blog which includes her beautiful bedroom that we can’t take our eyes off of. From the statement print above the bed to the matching bedside cupboards, we love this look for summer!

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25. Millennial Pink The Sophisticated Palette Has Returned – Hadley Court


Pink has had a grown-up makeover this year in the form of Millennial Pink which is taking the industry by storm. Hadley Court shows us how to add the hue to the home…

Image courtesy of Hadley Court

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