Top 25 Interior Blog Posts of June 2017

Things have been hotting up in the interior blogging world in June mirroring the bright sunshine we have seen outside. From how to hold a summer gathering to inspiring lake house imagery, all our favourite posts from June are right here…

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1. Makeover – A Dining Table Made from Scaffold Boards – Roses and Rolltops

This post on Roses & Rolltops, is everything a DIY post should be! From high resolution imagery to clear step by step instructions, it will inspire you to create your own dining table masterpiece.

Image courtesy of Roses and Rolltops
Image courtesy of Happy Interior Blog

2. Soulful Spaces New York Studio Apartment – Happy Interior Blog

Home of design aficionados Ann Stephenson and Lori Scacco, this charming New York studio was a delight to tour around on the Happy Interiors Blog this month.


3. Air Purifying Plants – Home with the Haworths

Kelly from Home with the Haworths conducted a little experiment in June to see if certain house plants would help purify the air in her home and in turn relieve some of the symptoms of her asthma. Find out her results…

Image courtesy of Home with the Haworths
Image courtesy of Kraft Mint

4. DIY Anemone Artwork – Kraft Mint

Another wonderful crafty/DIY post we found in June was this unique Anemone artwork spotted on Kraft Mint. The slatted wooden background, creates a chic and unusual base for the detailed design.


5. 9 Tips on How to Make Your Balcony Look Like a Greek One – Daily Dream Decor

Is there a more summery look than the classic blue and white of Greek decor? We aren’t sure there is either so check out Daily Dream Decor for tips on how to turn your balcony into a Grecian wonderland.

Image courtesy of Daily Dream Decor
Image courtesy of Decor8

6. 8 Easy Steps for A Romantic Summer Gathering – Decor8

Summer is all about parties and Decor8 shows you how to throw the best of the best. From summer bloom to signature cocktails, this post has the lot.


7. Home Office Inspiration – Katrina Chambers

As a home office  space is essential for any blogger, we are always on the lookout for new design ideas to help creativity flow. Take a look at these inspirational home offices on Katrina Chambers.

Image courtesy of Katrina Chambers
Image courtesy of The Life Creative Blog

8. 11 Striking Feature Wall Ideas that Aren’t Paint – The Life Creative Blog

Feature walls are here to stay in the interior world but this doesn’t have to mean reaching for boldly hued paint. The Life Creative Blog takes a look at all the other options out there from upholstery to moulding.


9. Neutral Summer Mantel – Design. Dining. Diapers.

We are seeing more and more mantle makeovers which are a fabulous way to quickly update decor for each season. We love this summer version spotted on Design. Dining. Diapers.

Image courtesy of Design. Dining. Diapers
Image courtesy of The Vintage House that Could

10. When Weddings and Interiors Overlap – The Vintage House That Could

We know that the fashion and interiors worlds are constantly influencing each other but what about the wedding industry too? The Vintage House that Could takes a look at the crossover.


11. 8 Ways to Combat the Fear of Blank Walls – The Home Design School

You know the feeling, you’ve decorated a room and it’s nearly perfect but what to do with that blank wall? It can make any of us break out in a cold sweat but don’t worry, the Home Design School has you covered…

Image courtesy of The Home Design School
Image courtesy of The LuxPad

12. Discover the Beauty of Rwanda’s National Parks at Bisate Lodge – The LuxPad

Opening in June, Rwanda’s latest hotel takes luxury lodges to another level. At the edge of the Volcano’s National Park, it has a beautifully authentic Rwandan interior and is perfect for seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habit.


13. Lifestyle | 5 of the Biggest Interior Design Trends for 2017 – Lilla Loves

We may be halfway through the year but there are still emerging interior trends to be discovered all the time. Lilla Loves have rounded up her favourites she’s spotted in the first half of this year.

Image courtesy of Lilla Loves
Image courtesy of Dans Le Lake House

14. A New Plan for the House Exterior – Dans Le Lake House

Beach and lake houses are often lusted over living options but when it comes to refinishing the exterior they can be a nightmare. Dans Le Lake House are in the process of giving theirs a makeover and this post is filled with beautiful inspiration.


15. Revisiting Designer Yvonne Koné’s Home in Copenhagen – Nordic Design

Nordic Design takes a look around designer Yvonne Koné’s Copenhagen home in this post from June. Offering stunning simplicity just like her own designs, it’s a breath of fresh air to browse.

Image courtesy of Nordic Design
Image courtesy of Swoon Worthy

16. Garden Envy – It’s a Thing – Remie’s Luxury Blog

Garden envy is most certainly a thing and can be extremely useful if you are looking to redo your outdoor space as Remie’s Luxury Blog demonstrates.


17. Inside My First (280sqft) New York Apartment – Savvy Home

Gabrielle of Savvy Home blog shared her first New York Apartment in June which demonstrates that downsizing isn’t the end of the world as long as you’re in a city you love.

Image courtesy of Savvy Home
Image courtesy of Digs Digs

18. Modern Dynamic Budapest Apartment with Colorful Touches – Digs Digs

Another home tour we loved this month is this colourful Budapest apartment on Dig Digs. Designed by Margeza Design Studio, it overlooks many of Budapest’s key riverside icons.


19. The Affordable, Compact Pressure Washer That Revived our Outdoor Furniture – Young House Love

Now is the time revive your outdoor furniture ready for summer barbecues and garden parties. After a few seasons of use outdoor cushions can start to look tired but as Young House Love discovered, you can give them a new lease of life with a pressure washer.

Image courtesy of Young House Love
Image courtesy of Bliss at Home

20. One Room Challenge Week Six | The Reveal – Bliss at Home

Kristen from Bliss at Home shares the reveal of her one room challenge which saw her transform her entryway and living room. The results are beautiful!


21. Home Decor Trends for 2017 – #tidylife

Here are some more mid-year trend reviews for you to take a look at if you are thinking of revamping your interior over the coming months. Bathroom foliage is a particular favourite of ours.

Image courtesy of #tidylife
Image courtesy of We Love Home Blog

22. I Don’t Own a TV. Am I Crazy? – We Love Home Blog

A television can be a constant in our homes which contributes very little to the decor. We are all guilty of just plonking ourselves in front of the TV even when nothing’s on which is why we found Maxine’s confession that she hasn’t had one for 8 months intriguing…


23. Villa Anouk Essaouira, the Ultimate Beldichic – Janice Issitt Life & Style

This beautiful Moroccan villa caught our eye this month on Janice Issitt Life & Style for its rich earthy tones and impeccable luxury. Described as Beldi in design which means traditional, it looks like the perfect retreat.

Image courtesy of Janice Issitt Life & Style
Image courtesy of Puro Deco

24. Dannish Hygge from Rosendahl – Puro Deco

Proving that Hygge isn’t just for winter, this post on Puro Deco explores the Rosendahl brand and exhibits how to create a hygge look in every season through the brand’s chic lifestyles.

Main image courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters

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