The IBA Blog Chats to Two-Time Award Winner The Frugality

The Frugality took home the coveted Best Interior Lifestyle Blog Award and also went on to win the ultimate prize, the Bloggers’ Choice Award for her impeccably stylish blog. We chat to two-time award winner Alexandra Stedman about what inspires her blog content and how she felt when she won the awards…

Image courtesy of The Frugality

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

Anywhere – I think about content all the time, things that I’m talking about with friends, things I see on the tube, things I read about or from art galleries that I’ve visited.

Image courtesy of The Frugality

What’s the best blogging tip you’ve ever been told?

As a veteran blogger I didn’t really get much advice when starting out and I made my own mistakes along the way. My tips would be to have a niche, a point of view and stick to it, because then your view will always be authentic.

Image courtesy of The Frugality

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Interior Lifestyle Blog award and then went on to win Bloggers’ Choice Award too?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make the awards as I was working that evening, but I was so thrilled when I turned on my phone after the event and had all these notifications from all these people I respected telling me I’d won. I felt very proud.

Image courtesy of The Frugality

As a blogger of fashion, lifestyle and interiors, what’s your favourite topic to blog about?

I love doing the renovation posts because whenever I start writing about it it just flows. It’s nice recalling the memories of all the work we’ve put into it and see all the before and after pictures come together.

Image courtesy of The Frugality

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Don’t try to be anything that you’re not. People who like your blog will follow you for your individuality and personal flair so embrace it and don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Image courtesy of The Frugality

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