Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Award Winner, The Carpenter’s Daughter, Sits Down with the IBA Blog

The Carpenter’s Daughter took home the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Award as the judges loved her dedication to all things DIY. The IBA Blog checks in with the founder of the blog, Vikkie, to find out how she felt when she won the award and where she hopes her blog will take her in the future…

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

It usually starts from my lack of DIY knowledge and wanting to tick something off my renovation list.  So, it’s also the content creators (and of course my Dad), who inspire me because they’ve taken the time to show people how they can DIY too.  Also, I have some amazing followers that offer me tips and advice when I get stuck and ask for help.  Then once I’ve finished, I take great pleasure in adding my version on the internet to help others as each tutorial isn’t always a one-size-fits-all situation.

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

What’s the best blogging tip you’ve ever been told?

Tell a story! I never fully understood this when I initially started with my food blog, Tastefully Vikkie, but when I began sharing my DIY projects on The Carpenter’s Daughter, I saw a significant difference in engagement despite only using my camera phone. I really think it’s down to sharing and explaining my entire learning experience on each project and the backstory of why I’m doing it. It’s also equally as important to me to share the mistakes as well as the wins so I can give people an idea of what’s realistic and not set them up for failure.

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Award?

Surprised and VERY emotional! I really didn’t expect to win because the blogs that were in my category are all so inspirational. But it’s great to feel acknowledged for making it my mission to break down complicated looking jobs in to simpler language.

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

What was your favourite DIY project this year and why?

Challenging myself to install the plumbing for a sink and washing machine in my new utility kitchen. It turned out to be very simple using plastic plumbing and now I know that I can stay calm if I ever need to fix a leaky water pipe. It’s projects like these where it’s great to push your limits and find new skills.

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

One of my ultimate dreams is learning enough skills to design and build our own dream house by the sea. I’d feel I could truly put my feet up if I achieved it.

Image courtesy of The Carpenter’s Daughter

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