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To create a successful blog, whatever the genre, you simply cannot ignore the power of good SEO! This week’s post from The Blogger’s Lounge features their top tips to ensure your SEO is spot on, leading to improved functionality and higher rankings in Google – which really gets your blog seen by those you are reaching out to…

SEO (that means ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ for any beginners out there!), is a handy skill to have in your arsenal when blogging. Lots of SEO can seem really technical, but really, it’s all about improving your blog’s functionality, as well as making it more visible in search.  Here are some top tips in creating blog posts that will help your SEO:

Find your keywords

Find your blogging niche; find your keywords! Whatever you blog about, it is important to make it clear to Google what you want to be searched-and found – for. Whether you are blogging about interiors in general, or even something more niche within this category, you should do a Google search to see what people are already searching for e.g.:


As well as a Google search, remember to check the ‘Organic’ Acquisition section of your Google Analytics account to see if there are any niche terms, or longer phrases that people are searching for you by. Once you have a general idea of your keywords, remember to include them in your blog posts!

Change your page links!

You want your blog post URL to relate to the key words you specifically want to be searched for, as well as referencing your body content as tightly as possible. For example. If you are writing a review, remember to change from generic terms, to specific product terms. The default on your blog post editing page will automatically give you a URL, but remember to change it to make it more relevant to your post! For example, you would change to

Be active on Social Media

Being active on social media, and finding similar people who share your blogging passion are essential to success and enjoyment. However, being social now has concrete SEO benefits for your blog. Twitter and Google have recently made a deal which means relevant, timely, and successful tweeting will directly affect your SEO standings. You can read more about Google and Twitter’s new algorithm change here (if you want to get a bit more nitty-gritty about how the algorithm is likely to work). In laymen’s terms: the more you tweet and push out relevant content, the better your blog will fare. Tweet when you post!

Link Within Your Blog

Internal linking is really important. You want people visiting your blog to stay on your blog, and internal linking, to other, relevant pages, is what gets people to stay. From an SEO perspective, it is also a way of showing which pages are ‘high authority’, and can help increase the amount of page views you get. For example, if you have a really great resource or menu page that you have mentioned in one blog post, be sure to link to this relevant page. The more links a page has going to it internally, the more cues Google gets! You can read more about internal linking, and how to increase your page views in this handy post from the Blogger’s Lounge.

Find Your Niche, and Be Yourself

 Ultimately, however many SEO tips you try and incorporate, blogging should be about you and your passion. Find your niche within your blogging genre. It can be intimidating as a smaller blogger, when you look at hugely successful interiors blogs. However, these blogs became successful because they stuck to their guns and blogged about what they loved, and provided their readers with great content and information. Find your niche! If you love bright colours, blog about just bright colours! If you love history, blog about historic homes and influences! This will make you happy, and if you are genuinely blogging about a passion, you are more likely to churn out great content, and create a fantastic resource organically: something that will help your SEO tremendously!

So that’s it! Five tips that can help boost your blog posts and make them Google-worthy! Let us know in the comments below if you have any blogging and SEO tips. We want to know!


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