International Best Newcomer Winner, Style So Simple, Talks to the IBA Blog

Aoife, founder and owner of Style So Simple, took home the International Best Newcomer Blog Award at the 2018 IBAs. A rising new talent, Style So Simple was created to accompany Aoife’s interior design business and she blew the judges away with her inspiring blog content. The IBA Blog catches up with Aoife after her big win…

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

What inspired you to start an interiors blog?

Well honestly, I was told I needed to do so for my business and website. I actually really didn’t want to at first, because I am dyslexic. So, for me, writing and blogging were major areas to avoid! But I started and I was super hesitant and scared but after the second or third blog, I have never looked back. I now love blogging! I have found my little blog has become one of the more creative areas I enjoy indulging in for my business, and before I would never have seen blogging as a creative field. That is not to say I wasn’t in awe of other bloggers, but I just thought it was something for very literate individuals. But not anymore!

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Newcomer Blog Award?

I nearly died! I just could not believe it! Honestly, I was so, so happy to have even been shortlisted for the event night. When they actually called me on stage as the winner I nearly dropped! The entire event was so lovely and it gives you a great boost to keep going on your design journey. When you start a blog or design business you’re usually on your own. Hence to get recognised, by an institute as amazing as the Amara IBAs is such a wonderful moment and indeed feeling. It is great evidence that you are going in the right direction.

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

If you asked me that this time last year, I would never ever have imagined the Amara IBAs! So, I will keep this open! I honestly just love a good chit chat and love that I have an area of the internet that is mine. What I am super excited about is to start including in my blog the Style So Simple projects. I have been holding off on uploading some projects so I can blog about them from initial design schemes to completion. Exciting!

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

Hmm it always changes, at the start, it was seasonal trends, new shopping obsessions etc. I think that it is clear from my blog I was a little obsessed with IKEA for a while! People actually thought I had some affiliate with them!  However, I had just moved to a new apartment and bought sooo much from IKEA. I was like, this is great! At the moment I’m finding huge inspo from other designers on their home interiors or their own projects. Every time I see a new interior on insta or blogs I learn something new. That’s why I started the Design talk series with other interior designers. I am honestly so inspired by so many other designers I just want all my readers to see their designs too! 

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Write about what you want and the way you want. Don’t write for trends or get too caught up on diction or the blog sounding super perfect. It’s my view the best blogs are the ones you can tell people are really into. Like you’re having a quick chat with the blogger.  And just keep going, I literally didn’t think ANYONE other than my boyfriend and mom were reading my blogs, and I only knew they were reading them because I gave out if they didn’t and then the Amara IBAs happened. So, keep going even if you think your audience is teeny tiny.

Image courtesy of Style So Simple

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