International Best Interior Designer Blog Award Winner, Stylemaker, Sits Down with the IBA Blog

With a strong commitment to the world of interior design, it’s not surprise that Stylemaker took home the International Best Interior Designer Blog Award at the 2018 IBAs. The IBA Blog checks in with the founder, Nikki, to find out how she felt when she won the award and how the blog helps enhance her interior design business…

Image courtesy of Stylemaker

What inspired you to start your blog?

We never wanted to be a sterile face on the web, a blog without heart, a ‘copy n paster’ on the ‘gram, or an email from a stranger to your inbox. Right from the get-go, Stylemaker set out to resonate with people and be an open book. We wanted people to see who was behind the brand – to share our fears, giggles, triumphs and mishaps. Blogging has become an added extra to our interior design business, it’s a fantastic platform to share industry insights, ‘how to’ advice and bring creative peers into the spotlight. 

Image courtesy of Stylemaker

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Interior Designer Blog Award?

To be honest the whole thing stillfeels surreal. Getting shortlisted was one thing, but to go on and win against some of the shrewdest bloggers – well that was unreal. Whenever I want to feel invincible, or boost a blah day, I just travel back to that delightful moment. Making the decision to accept the invite to celebrate with the other winners at the Tom Dixon Studio in Dec ‘18, was possibly the best decision I’ve ever made. 

Image courtesy of Stylemaker

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

The plan is to blog more! But it’s a time thing, and since its very much a side hustle, it can be tricky to balance my project work and write. I have ideas swilling around in my head every day, along with a list of topics the length of my arm. At the heart of it all, my MO for writing is to enlighten, educate and entertain. New Zealand has such a strong creative landscape – we’re a nation of go-getters, fighting for our voice, or to make a little mark on the world. Dishing out industry info, celebrating creative peers – it’s really just me wanting to share useful things.

Image courtesy of Stylemaker

Does your blog help enhance your interior design business? How does it operate alongside your main website?

Absolutely. Writing is our main communication – our strongest voice in a cluttered market. We try to offer an insightful read and stay relatable. Blogging keeps our brand on the straight and narrow – every article is authentic and comes from the heart. I think it gives our business integrity, trustworthiness and a personality – like a good friend, a helpful comrade who loves interior design and knows a thing or two about it. 

Image courtesy of Stylemaker

What inspires your blog content?

Mostly nature, I’m a huge greenie at heart. Nature never dates and I draw so much inspiration from the outdoors to add a unique energy and style to every project. Not so long ago, I revisited my business ‘why’. For Stylemaker, it’s all about using creativity so that people see the beauty in the everyday, backed with a belief that beautiful interiors should be available to all. My blogs will always try to mirror these sentiments. 

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