Sipsmith gin

Introducing #IBA17 Preferred Partner, Sipsmith

The Amara Interior Blog Awards would not be the event it was without the sponsors and preferred partners that help us make it all happen. This year one of your preferred partners are the renowned gin makers Sipsmith who will be delighting attendees of the awards ceremony with their specially crafted Sipsmith gin bar. The IBA Blog takes a closer look at the luxury gin brand…


Sipsmith gin
Classic G & T – Image courtesy of Sipsmith


Beginning in 2009 in a tiny Hammersmith workshop, childhood friends Fairfax and Sam shared an unwavering belief that things should be well made well as they always used to be. With this thought in mind, they set up London’s first traditional copper distillery since 1820. The company’s mission was simple: bring London Dry Gin of truly uncompromising quality and character back to the city where it earnt its name. Each bottle of Sipsmith gin has been hand crafted in small batches, with every drop lovingly laboured over by the brand’s dedicated distillers.


Classic Martini – Image courtesy of Sipsmith


The gin is made with no regimented timings, no automatic cuts, just the craftsman’s flair and passion for gin well made. Upon being granted their license in 2009, Fairfax and Sam commissioned their first copper pot still affectionately named, Prudence. Once the Sipsmith name had spread, they moved to a bigger workshop in Chiswick which was big enough to not only house Prudence but her younger sisters, Patience and Constance too. The three sisters oversee the Sipsmith gin production which is kept as closely in-line with London’s 200 years of distilling history as possible.


Sipsmith gin
Classic Martini – Image courtesy of Sipsmith


Balancing modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques, the gin undergoes an extensive manufacturing process which ensures the utmost quality at each step:


The botanicals that infuse Sipsmith’s gins are carefully sourced from all over the globe, with only the best quality chosen. With a core recipe inspired by one found by Master Distiller Jared in an 18th century book called The Art of Distilling, each day they add precisely the right amount of botanicals needed to make one batch of gin to each still.


Sipsmith gin
The Prudence, Constance & Patience stills – Image courtesy of Sipsmith


The carefully crafted recipe of botanicals is added to the stills the night before to allow them to macerate overnight and imbue the ‘alcoholic wash’ with flavour. They typically macerate for around 14 hours but this stage can run as long as three days for the brand’s V.J.O.P


The Sipsmiths – Image courtesy of Sipsmith


The stills are switched on each morning at around 8am and this is where the distillation process really begins. The stills heat up to 80°C, allowing the alcohol which boils at 78.3°C, to turn into vapour but still leaving the liquid behind. As the vapour travels throughout the still, it interacts with the copper and condenses back into liquid, becoming purer, smoother and more sippable each time.


Sipsmith gin
Bottling and wax sealing – Image courtesy of Sipsmith

The Journey Ends

Once it has completed its journey through the still, it finally reaches the condense to be turned back into liquid for the last time and runs off a pip known as the ‘point of pleasure’. This liquid is in three distinct parts, the heads, the hearts and the tails. Sipsmiths take only the very best of these parts – the heart cut – which is then brought to bottling strength with the infusing of pure water. The Sipsmith gin is then bottled, ready to be enjoyed by the brand’s many loyal customers.

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