Shortlister Interview: What Inspired you to Start Blogging?

With only a few days to go until the 2016 Amara Interior Blog Awards, what better way to celebrate the interior blogs than by going back to the beginning! We wanted to explore how every blogger found their motivation so we asked them what inspired them to create their interior blog. Take a look at what sparked the creativity below…

[minti_title]Best Architecture Blog[/minti_title]

“It all started 5 years ago when I had to design a new home for me and my husband. Our new apartment was basically bricks and concrete only. We decided we could furnish it ourselves although we had no idea what we were doing. The one thing that saved us was the interior design blogs. I would browse thousands of pictures daily to find the best design ideas that would turn the bare walls into a cozy home environment. And so it happened that need grew into passion. I decided to take this road and make my own design blog – to help people with limited budget find inspiration and build their own dream homes.”

Lynn – Adorable Home

“I was doing lots of experiments and learning along the way about blogging. And was like a game for me. I never planned to be so big in this niche but after almost 8 years in this industry perseverance pays off in the end. We love creating DIY projects, because they are awesome and cheap.” 

Stefan – Homedit

“We loved looking at interesting houses, we loved talking to people about them. the next logical step was to write about the houses we found whilst trawling the web late at night!”

David – WowHaus

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[minti_title]Best Australian Interiors Blog[/minti_title]

“I started Undercover Architect. This business was (and is) my way to bring change, education and empowerment to the way Australians create and transform their homes. Because this is my ultimate hope and dream for you – to have a home that inspires you, restores you, and supports you being the best version of you. I see my blog as a tool that enables you to access freely available, super helpful knowledge, experience and expertise that can make a huge difference to how you create and plan your home. And also make a huge difference to how you feel whilst you do it, and what it costs you in time, money and effort.”

Amelia – Undercover Architect

“I must have been seven years old when my grandfather bought me a very pink retro doll’s house and I stayed up all night redecorating, sticking craft paper onto the walls and floors, repurposing my gran’s discarded lace hankies to make little curtains, tablecloths and rugs and rearranging the tiny furniture. Ever since then, I’ve always had a passion for interior design and style. La Maison Jolie was born without a concrete plan in mind. One fine day I just decided to take a leap of faith and start an interior blog to document my design inspirations, wins, dilemmas and DIY projects. I never in a million years thought that anybody would read it, let alone be shortlisted twice for the prestigious AMARA Interior Awards. The blog has evolved from a mere documentation tool to interviewing fantastic new age designers, working with well-known brands and publishing about the hottest global style trends.”

Rani – La Maison Jolie

“For many years I have worked in the residential property restoration / commercial real estate development industry, and Dina was involved in the editing and graphic design world. We would often talk of a means by which to communicate our joint knowledge in a more casual environment away from structured client meetings. When we discovered blogging it allowed us to finally communicate but not dictate – it’s the perfect medium for what we seek to share and enjoy with our readers. Coming soon we will start documenting our current restoration + renovation project and we are already looking for the next!”

Andrew – HomeStyleFile

“I have long been inspired by other high profile interior blogs, however found it difficult to find information on styling period Queenslander style homes. With the purchase of our own Queenslander, it seemed the perfect time to launch our blog, which also incorporates much information essential to the home renovator or those considering building. I feel that we have found our niche in the blogging market that has given me the creative outlet I was yearning for. Styling a Queenslander comes with its own set of challenges, having the opportunity to educate others based on my own experiences on how to style these unique homes, is a real thrill!”

Nicole – The Builders Wife

“The idea to launch Style Curator came after a challenging day at work when I thought it was time to get moving on doing what I’m passionate about and break out of the traditional corporate world. This passion, partnered with my skills in web design and social media sparked the idea to start Style Curator. I stumbled across a quote like ‘Being passionate about a subject makes you uniquely qualified in it’ and it really resonated with me – I decided to share my own voice about interiors, latest trends, products I like, and progress of my own home build and in doing so have found (or perhaps created) a beautiful community of interiors lovers. I’m dreaming bigger than ever before and am currently pondering starting my own line of homewares. This is all a dream come true!”

Gina – Style Curator

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[minti_title]Best Colour Inspiration Blog[/minti_title]

“I’ve always loved decorating my home, and curating my vintage collections of furniture, textiles and wall art. Six years ago, after a bout of flu left me stuck on the sofa with my laptop, I discovered the world of blogs, and was quickly hooked. I loved the idea of documenting my own home, vintage finds and crafts, so in January 2013 I tentatively launched my own blog. What started as a hobby quickly flourished into a real passion, especially when I got my first comments from people across the world telling me that they loved what I was posting. It’s the best feeling in the world when people tell me I have inspired them to make their home somewhere they love to be. It inspires me to become a better blogger and a better photographer.”

Tamsyn – The Villa on Mount Pleasant

“I created Candy Pop in 2008 to share photographs of my home and the things that inspired me. At the time I was renovating a 1930’s house and I enjoyed publishing posts about the various projects I was working on and sharing the kitsch trinkets I found along the way! It was fun to muse about my passion for vintage, retro and mid-century modern with like-minded folk. Over the years, I have shed my collector ways in favour of a more minimal lifestyle and the blog has evolved with me. Today on Candy Pop you’ll find posts about simple living, self-care, interiors and travel.”

Natasha – Candy Pop

“A move to the countryside and the purchase of a detached home in 2014 was the starting point for the blog. Wanting to record the changes that we were going to make and share these with my family, I started to write about them. Along the way, the research into interior design increased and as a result the blog was born! For those who know me, the house keeps getting regular updates, room by room, much to the delight of regular followers of the blog. Besides makeovers, I use the blog to share new product finds and extremely talented designers that I come across.”

Jenny – Seasons in Colour

“When I started working as an interior designer, I was always sourcing furniture and lighting for ongoing projects. I was often finding great product offers and inspirations. Initially, I wanted to create an online inspirational database for myself but soon I realised that I also want to share the findings with others and just write. My passion for writing started when I was 16 years old and I was writing lifestyle articles for my local newspaper. I didn’t realise this at first, but it’s was quite surprising to find that my old experience came handy and it seemed like writing an interior blog was just a natural thing to do.”

Anna – Don’t Cramp My Style

“It was really as a result of moving into our first flat in Edinburgh that started my blogging journey. Suddenly I had the opportunity to decorate a home with my own bright and bold Mairi Helena wallpapers, fabrics and lampshades. I found blogging an extremely therapeutic way to document our interior renovation journey and I have since become completely immersed in the interior decorating and design world. I’ve now very much caught the blogging bug and regularly write about photography, textiles and all things colour driven.”

Mairi – Mairi Helena 

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[minti_title]Best Design Inspiration Blog[/minti_title]

“After over a decade working in Marketing and managing corporate blogs – I really needed a creative outlet! At the time I was a single Mum with a baby and so I was quite restricted with what I could do. I’ve always had a passion for interiors and had the skills to manage a blog – so marrying the two seemed like an obvious choice! When I look back on it – the blog was so awful, but the addictive thing about blogging is that they’re almost living and breathing. Blogs can adapt over time, and as your confidence and experience grows – so does your blog. I’ve totally fallen in love with interiors and have since started a diploma at KLC – I wouldn’t have had the confidence if it wasn’t for my blog”

Natalia – BritishStyleUK

“Faced with the daunting task of moving in together we decided to start the blog to document the journey of London living, renting and finding the perfect little “home for now”. Once we had moved in we thought, what’s next? That’s when we really started to document what we loved in world of interiors and design. Whether it was looking at how to make the best of a rented home or how to get the latest trend, Forward Features became a little spot on the web for us to put our thoughts and advice.”

David & Mark – Forward Features

M: “It was December 2005.  I decided to spend New Year’s Eve with a group of my close friends in the Tatra Mountains. That winter I met Jo. Today, she is not only my partner in life, but also in business. Today, we are Extravagauza, today we promote minimalism via Attractive Minimalism. The journey was long and bumpy but it really all started back then. She imbues me with a real passion for designing, and has inspired me since the day we met.”

J: “During the 2nd year of my Architecture studies, I felt like something was missing. Not that Architecture was boring, but I felt like there has to be something more. The missing part was Interior Design. On my 3rd year, I decided to study two courses concurrently. Thanks to the ‘Internet revolution’ we can communicate our vision to others. The idea of Attractive Minimalism has been growing in our minds for such a long time; it feels like a huge relief that to finally realised our dreams.”

Joanna & Michael – Attractive Minimilism

“French for Pineapple started because my passion for interiors had escalated dramatically. A result of leaving behind a life in television production, mixed with more time at home looking after my two children. Your home becomes much more important when you’re in it all the time! I wanted an outlet to express my many obsessions. A way of remembering all the amazing products I fall in love with on a daily basis, (but often can’t afford!), and to document my own decorating adventures, of which there are many!”

Bianca – French for Pineapple

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[minti_title]Best DIY & Crafts Blog[/minti_title]

“Other interior blogs! I enjoyed reading blogs which documented people transforming their home into something that really reflected them, and thought others may enjoy seeing what I was doing in my own home. Once I started up the blog I just fell in love writing for it, it became my much needed creative output. It’s opened up a whole new world for me becoming friends with other home bloggers and interior addicts, and it’s made me love interiors even more.”

Melanie – Melanie Lissack Interiors

“I had just bought my home and I had started doing some upcycling projects around the house. I started sharing pictures of my projects on social media and I would get lots of questions on the posts so I decided to put my upcycle and DIY projects over on a blog so people would have a place to read the tutorials and get more detailed information. I have painted everything in the house from the fireplace to the kitchen cabinets and even a fabric chair so I love sharing tutorial style posts.”

Catherine – The Dainty Dress Diaries

“I’ve worked as a homes stylist and interiors journalist for more years than I’d care to admit, and a big part of my day job is writing to a particular house style, thinking about brands, or writing to a specific agenda. The reason I launched my blog was to have a much freer place to share, save and compile everything that I loved, without the demands and pressures of the day job. Without worrying about writing to a specific brief or house style I can write and share what I want, when I want and I find it very liberating! I use it as a place to try out new ideas, make crafts or DIYs just for the fun of it and also as a way to save and share all the DIY and styling tips and tricks I’ve gathered over the years.”

Victoria – Style Made Simple

“When I’m thinking about interiors I’m really thinking about two other things: crafting and colour. I started my blog as I was passionate about making and creating but didn’t really feel l like I had anywhere to share that, so a blog seemed a natural platform. I also love to chat, and for me blogging is about friendships and community as much as anything else. The interiors side of it grew from there – mainly, I just love everything about the word Home and that feeds into and influences pretty much everything I do, whether it’s painting a wall or crocheting a blanket.”

Gillian – Tales from a Happy House 

“I had been an avid reader of blogs for some time but when we bought our Edwardian home in 2010 which needed a bit of love, I realized I wanted to join in and document the changes we were making. There seemed to me to be such a great community of bloggers and I really wanted to be a part of it. I had always loved interiors but our house was the first real project I felt I could ‘sink my teeth into’! So about a month after we moved in, Swoon Worthy was born as a way to catalogue the changes we were making and the things that inspired those changes. Six years later, the home is still in constant evolution. I realised I get bored when things stay the same for too long! And Swoon Worthy and blogging have grown to be passions in their own right. So each passion feeds the other, creating the perfect creative outlet for me.”

Kimberly – Swoon Worthy

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[minti_title]Best European Interior Blog[/minti_title]
“I started My Scandinavian Home five years ago as a creative outlet and a way to document some of the beautiful Scandinavian homes I was experiencing here in Sweden. My blog continues to be a passion today.”

Niki – My Scandinavian Home

“Reading great interior design blogs from all over the world, covering all sorts of interior design styles, made me think about writing my own interior design blog. At the time I launched my blog, about 7 years ago, I couldn’t find that many Belgian bloggers, yet writing about the Belgian style. I felt the need to introduce our typical Belgian interior design style and craftsmanship – that is the backbone of the Belgian design industry, to the world. At the same time I wanted to share my own design ideas with my readers. The best part of writing a blog is the possibility to unleash your creative design ideas, sharing it with your audience and the freedom to write about whatever you like.”

Greet – Belgian Pearls

“I think there’s a time for everything, I believe that within each of us there is a precious fruit that should only have time to mature in order to show itself to the world, in all its fullness and its sweet taste. My connection with “home” has always been intimate: home is family, love, refuge and well-being. Only nine months ago my blog, Minoop, was born. Not knowing what a blog was I used creativity to create my own little paradise of colors, sweetness and dreams, where I could take refuge when the world around me became too gray. I believe to be the prime example of this motto: “Don’t think too much and try it! If you do things with love, your dreams will come true, your fragilities will become your strength and your life will finally take your form and color!”

Paola – Minoop

“I’m Italian, born and raised in Milan. Here everything speaks about art and design. I’m an enthusiast and I love finding new inspirations. Gucki is the place where I can tell all about my passions and inspirations. I started it like a diary and now it can inspire thousands of readers across the globe. Spreading the design passion is a sort of mission to me, this is my favorite part of blogging. As Dostoevsky said: beauty will save the world!”

Alessandra – Gucki

“I actually didn’t start as an interior blogger! From 2006 until 2013 my main interests were fashion and pop culture, but since I started my current platform No Glitter No Glory, I’ve really shifted my focus. I do remember my very first interior post. When I moved from my tiny London apartment to a big lofty flat in Antwerp in Belgium I posted my inspiration and I remember it felt so right writing about it. Interior has always been an interest of mine, and I think because my boyfriend of 8 years is an architect it has only gained importance in my life, but the real turning point was when we bought our very first place and started renovating it. I loved it way too much not to share it.”

Patricia – No Glitter No Glory

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[minti_title]Best Interior Designer & Stylist Blog[/minti_title]

“We launched the blog this year because we had so many people telling us that they loved our website and we felt it was about time we wrote one. I think that our projects page and website in general has a personal and chatty feel and that’s perhaps what people saw as our blog – it is indeed still an integral part of our blog. Also, our social media streams told a through-story in snippets, micro blog style. The final push came from our friend, Sarah Akwisombe. She is an amazing blogger and gave us a kick to get started. The blog gives us the chance to flesh this out and give our followers more of our content. It’s a great way to get more of our perspective and ideas out there and we have loved building it.”

Jordan and Russel – 2 Lovely Gays

“There are so many good blogs out there. And almost every subject under the sun has been written about somewhere on the internet. But there was no single place I could find (and I still don’t believe it exists outside of my blog Georgian Regency Interiors) that focuses specifically on Interior Design in Georgian and Regency properties. Whilst the subject may seem quite specific this period and style of property is the most sought after and aspired to in the UK. It’s a great medium to share information and new ideas or insights in a manageable and accessible way. I will continue to write the blog for as long as I am getting the wonderful feedback that I do and our nomination for the Amara Interior Blog Awards is a further endorsement that we are delighted to have.”

Sarah – Georgian Regency Interiors

“I really wanted a platform to show people over time that it is possible to have a great interior in their homes or work spaces using the high street, online sites or to get the look for much less using sale finds. I kept getting asked ‘where did you get that’ or ‘how do you find these’ when people came to my house so I wanted to show people it can done on smaller budgets. I’m also dyslexic so starting a blog was really hard. I wanted to push myself to try and start to write to help to describe better my designs and thoughts for others to fully enjoy my concepts! Some days my posts can take days to write due to how I read back but sometimes they just take minutes but I took the leap to start my Interiors blog and I’ve never looked back!”

Carla – Carla Jones Design

“I was inspired to launch my blog as I felt it was important to have an online presence when I decided to start my own business as an Interior Stylist. It has always been a way for me to stay up to date with all the latest offerings from designers and high street companies which is an important part of my job. Apart from all that I still simply want to create original content that people will hopefully enjoy as much as I do!”

Lucy – Lucy Gough Stylist Blog

“On the spot I launched my blog…because I work as an interior stylist so for years I’ve made over other people’s homes but never had a space of my own to try out my own ideas. When I bought my first house, it was a great opportunity to record and chart all the renovations, makeovers and shopping (and show my mum and friends what I had been up to). Also wanted to be honest and talk about the mistakes I made too. Doing up your home can be daunting and I wanted to take the mystery out of it and make it fun and welcoming too.”

Maxine – We Love Home

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[minti_title]Best Interior Magazine Blog[/minti_title]

“As 91 Magazine is a biannual print and digital magazine, we felt our readers needed somewhere to come for inspiration in between issues. The blog is an extension of the content we feature in the magazine, so a mix of interiors, modern crafts, creative living, books, events and general news surrounding the magazine. As well as keeping us connected to our readers all year round, it also gives us the chance to collaborate with even more contributors and brands which we truly love.”

Caroline – 91 Magazine

“We started the blog as a part of a whole website relaunch which we did last year. We wanted to be able to add another more personal and dynamic area online which we could make very visual and dynamic. We also thought it would be a good idea to have a ‘home’ on the website for all of the extra information that we wanted to communicate, such as the shops and trends we loved, places we went to and people we met. We also saw it as a nice tie-in with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that feels more personal that the website, both for us and for our readers.”

Ciara – Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

“Four years ago, my husband and I moved into our warehouse home in a Grade II listed former mill in East London. We had fallen in love at first sight with its exposed brick walls, steel columns, galvanised piping and hardwood flooring. And we were excited to start decorating and making it our own. Scouring websites, blogs, magazines, books and shops for inspiration it became clear that “industrial chic” was enduringly – and internationally – popular, but there didn’t seem to be a single place where we could find a carefully curated selection of the best furniture and accessories for a warehouse home. And, in a nutshell, that’s how we were inspired to create – to share special finds, news and inspiration with others living in warehouse / loft apartments or looking to inject a bit of industrial chic into their homes. The debut Warehouse Home coffee table book will be published in April 2017.”

Sophie – My Warehouse Home

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[minti_title]Best International Interior Blog[/minti_title]

“Always moving forward in the interiors industry since I first started out, I realised there were no daily news and updates of what was going on in the design, lifestyle, decor and interiors world. As my career expanded into international waters, with requests to inform communities of the latest trends, ranges and collections, I decided the best way to showcase ideas and keep the market abreast of what was going on in the different fields around the globe, was an online platform to communicate as such. In order to keep up with the latest international and local trends, I travel abroad to top design destinations throughout the year. My blog has become a central hub for experts and novices alike with carefully curated shopping guides, DIY tutorials, exciting product giveaways, my favourite finds and news on upcoming design events and exhibitions. Not only does the platform give way to unique South African talent, it empowers up-and-coming designers from far and near. ”

Marcia – Marcia Loves It!

“I’ve been following several lifestyle & interior blogs for a while before I started blogging myself. I got a daily inspiration boost from them. It was at the moment that I still loved my job, the projects I was doing, but wasn’t loving going there anymore. On that moment I decided to start a blog and because I was working on interior design projects at the architectural firm I was working at, I decided to share my love for interior design on my blog. It was always my way to push myself to have my own creative design business. After one year of blogging, I said goodbye to my full time job of 11 years and started my own creative business. I felt free to promote my blog better at that moment. The blog wasn’t making any money (still isn’t), but it felt good to share it along with others and getting to know others out there with the same passion for it. This nomination is making me feel that my work and keep blogging was and is a good idea”

Hubertienne – JenPEN Creative Studio

“I’m from Dubai based in Dutchie. I ended up here after leaving my hometown with my family to live in New York City. A place that gave me so much inspiration that I decided to follow her passion and started her own business. Moving around the globe pushed her boundaries. It gave me the inspiration to create the concept Live Loud Girl. The concept Live Loud Girl started with just a notebook and a name but soon developed into a blog sharing my interior styling inspiration. That evolved into interior styling where my ideas could become reality.”

Linda – Live Loud Girl

“I love the big creative world. I love to write about it. It’s the poetry of my life’s passion. Chronicling a heart-stopping architectural detail, the intricate pleats and fastenings of an haute couture ensemble or sharing the musings of my inner child, the message is always about beauty. I love to share the experience of beauty – the simple and the extraordinary things that bring delight and fascination to my every day. Whether it’s the palette in a butterfly’s wings or the symphony of light and colour that performs through Gaudi’s evocative stained glass windows, the dialogue these inspire can bring us closer to an innate awareness of the art that surrounds us all.  My blog is an evolving canvas layered with my experiences, my inspirations and ideas, my notions of the day and the poetry of the art world. It’s an intimate creative vehicle that allows me to share the beautiful stories that drive my passion for design.”

Regina – Regina Sturrock Design

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[minti_title]Best Luxury Blog[/minti_title]

“To document the growth of my own interior style and to inspire women to swing a hammer and do some DIY to create a home that’s personal and happy”.

Laura – Laura Thomas Interior Design 

“I first started my blog as an extension of my website to showcase my artwork. However, it has become so much more than that. I have posted every week for the last four years on a huge variety of subjects including my travels, inspirations, visits to art galleries, interior fairs and lovely things! I have also been lucky enough to meet wonderful designers, makers, writers and photographers through my blog. I continue to be constantly inspired!”

Jessica – Jessica Zoob 

“It’s not really about inspiration for me, it’s about sharing what I find and uncover. I feel that through the blog I can help people understand brands and design in a way which is simple to understand. Luxury interior brands can sometimes be misunderstood due to complicated marketing, but I hope to be able to tell their story to a wider audience.”

Grant – Interior Style Hunter

“A few years ago I was living in Paris, not really sure what to do with both my life and career. Passionate by interior design I started to snoop around the web looking for tips and I came across a blog post by American blogger Erin Gates where she wrote that almost everything she achieved started with her having a blog. She is an extremely successful blogger and interior designer and after reading her post I knew straight away what I needed to do. Blogging seemed like a great idea to not only share and inspire others but also finding about trends and learning about interiors myself. It was the first step I’ve done to start up in interior design and I’ve never looked back. Fast forward to now, I am working as a sales consultant for a luxury furniture brand and studying at KLC to become an interior designer. I will always think that if it wasn’t for starting a blog I would have never gotten here.”

Monika – Style Loves Home

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[minti_title]Best Newcomer Blog[/minti_title]

“Having been inspired ourselves by all the amazing interior related blogs out there, it felt only natural that Topology too should become inspiration to others. And as simple as that is, that was our aim in setting up this blog. We wanted to share with an audience, our passion for all things homeware related, be it great product design or pictures of our latest project, in the hope that we can too can inspire creativity amongst others.”

Athina – Topology London

“I’ve always been passionate about interiors; since purchasing my own home aged 18, it’s taken over my life. I live & breathe all things ‘home’ & tend to get inspiration from everywhere I go & everything I do. I started up the blog after being made redundant from my job in recruitment whilst also pregnant with my second child. I was desperately bored & felt under fulfilled as a stay at home mother so wanted some form of outlay which eventually developed into ‘The Home That Made Me’. I didn’t initially intend (& certainly didn’t expect) for it to become a career but am now so incredibly lucky that it’s becoming just that.”

Charlotte – The Home That Made Me

“I love creation and change, when I was small it was decorating cardboard box houses for my dolls and re-arranging the furniture in my bedroom, now I’m grown I’m doing it on a larger scale, decorating our house for my family, upcycling furniture and trying to create a cheery environment for my babies to grow up in. For me decorating my home is like therapy, I love to surround myself and my family with light and colour and doing it all on a budget inspired me to pass on what I’ve learned along the way. I’m all about affordable home design and I’m a great believer, that no matter what the budget, creating a home to be proud off is never out of reach just as long as your willing to roll your sleeves up and work hard to achieve it.”

Kelly – Home with the Haworths

“I was constantly posting progress renovation photos of my house on Instagram when I first moved in and I began to find that people were commenting complimenting my style in the house, which grew over the next year. After I had been in my house for a year, my closest friend had just started designing websites as part of his company branching out so it seemed like fate – and just like that Lust living was born!”

Olivia – Lust Living

“I’ve always been passionate about interiors (pimped-up childhood gang hut; interior-designed university digs; penchant for fabulous bars), but the arrival of the small Pink House Dwellers was a game changer. Now I’m at my babysitter’s mercy, the nights out at beautiful bars are far less frequent, so my home’s had to pick up the slack when it comes to fabulous interiors. As I started renovating the house, room by colourful room, the journalist in me felt increasingly compelled to a) learn more about the world of interiors from a wide variety of experts, and b) share what I learned with others (not only how to create a beautiful family home, but also how to stop the kids from ruining it). And so, on February 29th 2016, was born. I hope Pink House Guests enjoy their stay as much as I enjoy sharing my stories.”

Emily – The Pink House

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[minti_title]Best Organisation Blog[/minti_title]

“Furniture, interiors and style is more than our love or even our passion, it’s what we’re all about – the strawberry in our Daiquiri. We wanted to share ‘all-style-things-that-make-us-tick’ and swoon over creative and unusual pieces and styles that make the ordinary extra and ultra ordinary.”

Georgia – The French Bedroom Company

“We’re all passionate about interiors, design and styling, which is why we launched our online homewares boutique in 2012. But we know that simply buying a product is not where the journey ends and for some, knowing how to make the product look just as good in your own home can be tricky. Which is why we launched our blog to run alongside the boutique. We’ve always felt that the blog is an integral part of what we do and we love helping our customers to achieve their own unique style.”

Jacquie, Hollie & Amelia – MiaFleur

“I believe a blog is an amazing tool which allows customers to get a glimpse at the people behind the brand, understand what makes us tick and where we draw our inspiration from. A key part of our job is to keep an eye on what’s happening around us in the world of art, fashion and interiors. We thought having a blog would be a lovely way for customers to join us on that journey. We hope that our warmth and genuine love of interiors translates to our readers. So far we’ve had great feedback from both our trade clients and ordinary consumers, and as long as we’re inspiring someone, somewhere in the world, then I really think blogging is worth our while.”

Jacquie – Sweetpea and Willow

“Joie De Vivre! Gaiety, merriment, happiness and joy are just a few of the words you could choose to describe this simple and yet poignant French phrase. Roughly translated to an ‘exuberant enjoyment of life’ these 3 little words inspired us to create a blog that embodies this ethos to bring a little jollity and add a touch of sparkle to our readers homes.”

Rachel – Newtons Furniture

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“Being an avid reader of Interior Blogs by some of the most well respected designers in our industry, I wanted to give a different and more casual perspective on design as it relates to everyday life, current trends in fashion, and pop culture. Telling a story of design through experiences and inspirations is what my career and design work is all about. It is such a wonderful thing to get so much feedback from my followers about how my posts and blogs are so relatable and accessible.”

Kenn – Kenn Gray Home

“I actually started my blog totally on a whim! I didn’t really even completely know what a blog was, but I was looking for a project and a creative outlet, and a blog seemed like it would be a good fit. I have loved documenting the journey of our homes and sharing ideas with readers around the world!”

Abby – Just a Girl and Her Blog

“I’ve always enjoyed decorating. Even as a child I would decorate my bedroom. One of my favorite things to do before I started my blog was reading decorating magazines. That’s where I found lots of inspiration. Then I discovered decorating blogs. My world changed. Soon after discovering a few of my favorite decorating blogs I decided to take the plunge and start my own interior decorating blog. I wanted to share my passion for home decorating in hopes of inspiring others as I was inspired. I receive emails daily from readers telling me how much I inspire them. I’ve been blessed to have made some amazing friendships and lots of opportunities including my paint line which would have never happened if I didn’t decide to start my blog.”

Anne – While Lace Cottage

“When Handan and I moved back to the States in 2013 and bought our first home, we were totally unprepared for all the additional expenses of home ownership. This led us to try our hands at building and installing things too – like walls and vanities and kitchen sinks. Once we got the knack of it and started to amass a fine collection of tools, we also branched out into crafting, woodworking and furniture restoration/upcycling. Handan thought that if we started a blog, then we could write about everything we do, and since no one would be forced to see it in their newsfeed, it wouldn’t be bragging! We launched in September 2015 and soon thereafter started to weave our own story into the blog. We’re one year into it and still going strong. We both love connecting with our readers, each in our own way.”

Greg – The Navage Patch

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Thank you to all the bloggers who shared their thoughts with us on their creativity and inspiration. Only 6 days until the event and we couldn’t be more excited!

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