Seven Reasons to Start Blogging

On the Amara Interior Blog Awards’ blog we frequently discuss the benefits of blogging and we are of course strong advocates of celebrating talented bloggers that have made a big impact on the industry, but what about the reasons to start blogging in the first place? The reasons behind wanting to start writing your own blog are always personal to each individual, with every reason equally as important as the next. This week we wanted to share the many motives to embark on your blogging journey. For those already considering starting your own blog, fingers crossed it will give you a gentle nudge in the right direction…

For university/higher education applications

In the same way that it works well for job hunting, a regularly updated & well written blog can also set you apart from the competition when applying to universities or higher education facilities. Ideal for exemplifying your commitment to your chosen subject, blogs on journalism, fashion and art are particularly sought after as they are a good indicator of your talent.

As a creative outlet

All areas of blogging require a certain amount of creativity, but if you are more artistically inclined than most having your own blog is the perfect outlet to document all of your creative musings. Whether in the form of photo sharing, a place to create inspiration/mood boards, or even a personal journal to exemplify your writing ability & to house short stories, your blog will be a testament to your talent.

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To educate yourself

The world of SEO and social media can be a very confusing place for those new to the industry, but starting your own blog can be a brilliant way to learn on the job. As it is your own personal blog, you can learn at your own pace and you get to choose how your education is formed, whether from attending conferences, joining online courses, teaching yourself via the extensive publications already available or a combination of all three. A blog will also hone your writing skills and will allow for a tentative writer to gain essential confidence in their work.

For job hunting

For many professions a portfolio of work is required when applying to any job within certain industries, much the same as using a blog as a creative outlet, it can also serve as your online portfolio. A fantastic way to also showcase certain skills and knowledge, particularly in the SEO and blogging industries, your blog could quickly become the strongest aspect of your CV.

To share your journey

Whether you have a trip of a lifetime planned, are starting a big project or would just like to keep distant family and friends updated on the wonderful world of you, a blog is a fantastic way to keep all of your news in one place. A blog can also be a great way to meet others that share a common goal and those going through the same experiences as you are.

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To enhance your self esteem

We all like to feel good and a successful blog with good traffic, shares and comments will do just this. If done right it will also allow you to connect with others on the same path as you, inspire others to follow in your footsteps and gives you access to the exciting, creative and ever-supportive blogging community who are certain to welcome you with open arms.

Promotion for business

A blog doesn’t have to be your own personal online outlet, but can also be an essential business tool too. A successful form of free online promotion, it is a great way to network and allows new audiences to discover your company. In the modern age an online presence is a must for any company and a blog can be a first tentative step into this world, not to mention a fabulous way to establish youself as an expert in the field.

These are but a few reasons to embark on your own exciting blogging journey which we hope will inspire those on cusp of starting their own blogs to get writing.

So what are you waiting for? Start blogging!

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