How to Nominate?

Simply fill in the form on this page to nominate your favourite interior blog for the 2018 awards

• You can nominate as many blogs, in as many categories as you like

• Don’t forget to share your nomination with friends & family to encourage them to nominate their favourite blogs too!

• Each blog only needs to be nominated ONCE to get through to the voting stage of the Amara Interior Blog Awards

• Nominations close Wednesday 1st August 2018.

• The voting stage opens Wednesday 15th August 2018.
This is when you should ask for voting support from your friends, family and followers to help make it onto the shortlists and the judging day will also take place during this time


Not sure which category your favourite blog should be in?

Read the judging criteria for more information or alternatively, ask the blogger themselves which category they would prefer to be in.

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