The IBAs Very Own Karen Waddilove Hosts the #InteriorsChat

At the beginning of every month, @interiorschat host a Twitter chat for interior lovers, professionals and businesses with a special guest appearance. This month’s topic was ‘How to make your blog irresistible to brands’ and the creator of the Interiors Chat, @BorealAbode, couldn’t think of a better special guest than the IBAs very own PR Manager, Karen Waddilove. Karen shared her golden tips and tricks on the subject and other bloggers joined in along the way. Read the #InteriorsChat

@AmaraIBAs: 1) We always consider the overall look of the blog, is it engaging? Are the stories relative to us and our industry? #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 2) Is it consistent and always on brand and that includes the type of adverts that they are hosting, would I want my brand to sit next to other brands they work with? #interiorschat

@nclmullencomms: Great to hear you look beyond the numbers! #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: You have to, to really understand the blog you potentially want to work with. #interiorschat

@nclmullencomms: Absolutely! #interiorschat

@MrsAlinaGhost: Consistency is so important. #interiorschat

@fionamostyn: I’d agree with that. The brands you’ve already worked with and how you’ve done it is so important to see. #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: Engagement, quality over quantity! We look at comments, who is sating what and we also view their followers – are they potentially our customers? #interiorschat

@nclmullencomms: You clearly put a lot of thought and consideration into your partnership decisions; it’s refreshing! I do feel as though influencer marketing is becoming much more authentic, and that can only be a good thing #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: It really can, and it is getting better by there is still a lot of learning to be done on both sides which is hard considering things that are constantly changing #interiorschat

@these4wallsblog: I find many brands just look at Instagram followers & assume that reflects blog readership too. It often doesn’t, so I always try to push that. And Pinterest views. And on Insta I think engagement is more important than followers – or at least it should be #interiorschat

@InteriorsChat: Do you think Insta hiding likes will help with that? #interiorschat

@these4wallsblog: I hope so. I guess only time will tell though! #interiorschat

@themerrallshome: Everyone says it’s engagement. Which I find mine is amazing on some things and not so good on others! But I’m just finding my feet & I’m just a little newbie! #interiorschat

@InteriorsChat: Some posts resonate more than others, but that’s not a bad thing. Also, feedback now comes from many other channels. My last blog post generated a lot of email replies and DMs, but not old school blog comments #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 1) Media kits are helpful, it gives an instant idea on what the blogger’s expectations are. That said, they also need to be clear and make sure every contract is individual to suit those brands needs. #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 2) Every potential work collaboration is and should be different, it can be a two way contra deal where the other brand is giving the blogger something in return other than money such as exposure. #interiorschat

@these4wallsblog: I find media kits still work. But I always send them with a personalised covering email, pitched especially to that brand #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: You need to identify what it is the brand actually wants to achieve, is it brand awareness and links or are their expectations to get sales? #interiorschat

@xposeddesigners: Generic emails are something I find very frustrating, showing a genuine interest in the person/blog/brand helps… a more personalised email always works better! #interiorschat

@HomeZada: When sending an email, it should have a short and catchy subject line. Tell the brand how you specifically are going to drive different results for them #interiorschat

@heritagebath: If you want to get on a brand’s radar why not try engaging with them on their social platforms? If a blogger comments on one of our photos, we’ll almost always check out their profile #interiorschat

@heritagebath: Alternatively, if you really want to catch a brand’s attention try supporting them organically first by purchasing one of their products and writing about it on your blog or social media platforms #interiorschat

@upcycledmill: Agree this is a great way to build an initial relationship. I often add brands I love into blog posts #interiorschat

@themerralshome: What would you like to see included in a media kit? #interiorschat

@InteriorsChat: This post is useful… via @swoonworthyblog #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 1) I think a collaboration or any type of working with bloggers need to be thought more like advertising, so not just doing a one-off message but a longer, deeper relationship which is so much more beneficial and genuine. #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 2) Companies are starting to think of bloggers as ambassadors but with this long-term relationship you need to ensure it is a good match and won’t potentially affect any existing or future relationships. #interiorschat

@DeeMcGettrick: A proper journey with the brand and blogger, I like it #interiorschat

@MrsAlinaGhost: This one is hard but I’ve seen loads of people turning to video, writing guest posts, social media takeovers and the like #interiorschat

@nclmullencomms: Great Q! I’ve always wondered how far the brief can be stretched. I’m so full of ideas, and I like to think the consumer will engage more with content that’s fresh with a new angle #interiorschat

@these4wallsblog: I’ve seen some great projects where bloggers have teamed up with brands to design products or collections. Also creating content they can use on their own platforms #interiorschat

@InteriorsChat: Those always stand out! #interiorschat

@fionamostyn: Aside from blogs I enjoy seeing video content on Instagram through IGTV and stories #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: I agree, but I also think it is important to link back to your blog, that is your hub of content. #interiorschat

@DeeMcGettrick: Absolutely, you always need that call to action at the end! So important! #interiorschat

@themerralshome: I’ve seen people attend events, speak at events etc (I love seeing people attending the Christmas events, I get excited very early!). I think networking in all fields of work is really important. #interiorschat

@DeeMcGettrick: I’d love to co-host some kind of interiors event, that would be so exciting, especially a Christmas one! #interiorschat

@xposeddesigners: Include your followers in a promotion. For example, we could collaborate with a rug manufacturer and our followers could come up with designs – the winner would win their product. Making the target market feel involved in the promotion is when you see results! #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 1) I think blogs are so important, people had started to move more to social media platforms but your blog will give you more long term benefits. #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: 2) All that content is your own and will always be there and can be referenced too – so much stronger from an SEO perspective than a one-off Instagram story that has no longevity and of which the rights aren’t then owned by you. #interiorschat

@MrsAlinaGhost: Agreed. Consistent traffic basically vs instant gratification… #interiorschat

@HayseyDesigns: I second that, pour your heart and soul into something weighty, thoroughly researched and worthy of note as it will always be google-able and people move in circles with interiors. It will come around again, albeit with modernisations as they arise #interiorschat

@AmaraIBAs: I think as brands start to understand more we will lose some of those ‘bedroom’ bloggers that really offer very little to the industry. Brand partnerships will get better as long as both parties can understand and appreciate each other’s agendas. #interiorschat

@MrsAlinaGhost: Also, keep an eye out on how people use online & social media and where it’s moving to, especially as more people deactivate accounts & think about mindfulness. That’s why email subscribers are more important than ever in my opinion #interiorschat

@themerralshome: Move with the times and accept change. Be open to different ways of working and don’t get left behind. Keep an eye out on what’s going on e.g ‘Pinterest Stories’ and get on board. Just be stuck in your ways. #interiorschat

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