International Best Colour Inspiration Winner, ITALIANBARK, Talks to the IBA Blog

Elisabetta, founder of ITALIANBARK took home the International Best Colour Inspiration Blog Award as the judges were blown away by her passion for colourful interiors. The IBA Blog checks in with the founder of the blog to find out how she felt when she won the award and where she hopes her blog will take her in the future…

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

What inspired you to start your blog?

I started the blog in a period of my life when I was really uninspired by my daily job (I worked in an architectural practice, but it was a very technical job and not a creative one), so I created the blog as a way to feel inspired and engage with other creative people. I have always been inspired a lot by American blogs, I remember I used to follow many of them several years before starting my own one so for sure these were one source of inspiration in my first period of blogging. Second, I have always been inspired by interior magazines. I used to read many Italian paper magazines and create scrapbooks with my favorite inspirations… so with the blog, I basically put on the web what I was first doing on paper!

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Colour Inspiration Blog Award?

I felt so excited I couldn’t even walk. Actually I felt quite embarrassed too, I feel much better behind a screen than on a stage! Really, it has been such an amazing experience and I feel so happy and proud of this award. I have been blogging for almost six years now and even if I feel every day so grateful about my job, these kinds of rewards bring into the blogging job an extra positive charge of energy and motivation. And we always need this!

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

I am really happy about what I am doing now but I am also always looking for new challenges, projects, things and to grow as a freelancer. I recently opened a Shop page of the blog and we are also working on new ways to communicate contents, complementary to traditional blogging. I think we always have to stay updated, to study, to grow with the passing of times and my blog is a continuous work in progress too. My first hope is that will always be a way of meeting inspiring creative people out there, as well as discovering new places and cultures.

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

Have you always had a love for colourful interiors? What inspired this?

Actually, in my home, I am a lover of white and bright atmospheres, but I love to share inspirations about colors because I am always looking for new things as I get bored really easily (maybe because I am a Gemini?). So, talking and sharing news and inspirations about colors and interiors just always sounded natural to me. I think that color is something universal, that can put together many different aspects of life: design, things, places, trends, history, so as a curious person, I love to investigate more on this.

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

When I started things were much different from now. Social media were at the beginnings, influencers did not exist, people used to comment on blogs and to read a lot, much more than now. The feeling is that things can be harder now because there are so many things to manage (blog, social media, etc) and this can be quite frustrating for someone who is starting. My advice is to never give up and, if you really love doing this, focus on what you feel is more natural to you more than on doing what other people are doing. I made so many mistakes in these years because I did exactly this, but probably without those mistakes, would never have been the blog that is at present. So yes, my advice is to stay authentic and avoid comparison (unless it’s a positive and growing one).

I have many pieces of advice and tips to share with new bloggers and I am also starting a new column about this soon! Stay tuned on

Image courtesy of ITALIANBARK

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