IBA19 Judges - Mathilde Kubisiak

Mathilde Kubisia

Interior Designer/lifestyle blogger at MK Design

Born out of passion, MK Design offers a full range of Interior Design services with a select team of designers and contractors.

With a timeless mix of European elegance, cutting-edge innovation and a passionate love affair with both Paris and London, Mathilde Kubisiak has established her own signature style.
Mathilde is a firm believer in harmonising our lives with our surrounding environment. She takes pleasure in helping people creating their home.

Mathilde Kubisiak is an artist & interior designer. She specialises in imaginative but affordable designs and her work ranges from advice on single rooms right up to managing whole commercial refurbishments.

Her creative flair and keen eye for detail together with her background in fine art mean she is uniquely placed to advise on almost any project, from the ordinary to the unusual.

She is particularly skilled at giving small properties the Feng shui luxurious feeling which will help you achieve and attract everything you desire and reconnect to your true self.