IBA19 Judges - Laura Ronnie Nelson

Laura Ronnie Nelson

Founder/Director of Laura Ronnie Management

Laura has worked in Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle PR for over 10 years and has held roles at high street brands including M&S, H&M, Office and luxury online retailer Very Exclusive. Whilst in-house at Very Exclusive Laura spent over 3 years running social media and influencer marketing campaigns where she noticed a clear shift in the media landscape.

In May 2017 Laura set-up Laura Ronnie Management; an influencer marketing and management agency, where her first client was Alex Stedman of The Frugality. In April 2018 Laura decided to leave her in-house role and focus full time on the agency where she now holds 12 influencer clients, including @Hygge_for_Home, @BelleAndBunty and @TheFashion_Lift.

Laura Ronnie Management also creates and manages social media campaigns for brands, some of her clients have included Iconic London, QVC, Replay Jeans and Pernod Ricard.

As well as her work at the agency Laura also consults for brands on Social Media Marketing and how best to work with influencers.