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Best Newcome Blog Award sponsors Humanscale know exactly what types of furniture make for calming and productive office interiors. Ergonomic office furniture has unfortunately developed a bit of a bad reputation in the style stakes, but Humanscale are on hand that you can have functional and beautiful officeware to ensure your home office fits all your blogging needs…

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With a greater number of people working from their home office, the importance of a healthy and productive workspace is as relevant as ever.  But when we discuss ergonomics, comfort and health can this be synonymous with style?

Humanscale, a worldwide leader in designing and creating ergonomic innovations, recently reworked a tired, uncomfortable and uninspiring home office. The aim; to showcase ergonomics in a stylish and functional way- comfort needn’t be boring.

Before the transformation – Image courtesy of humanscale

The lucky family included, Mum, Dad and teenage sons, who all required something different from their working environment. The space needed to be versatile for their age, height and activities.

Humanscale products cater for all body types and heights. Their task chairs automatically recline and adapt to the contours of the body tailoring the lumbar support to suit every user.

This would mean the 16-year-old son at 5ft 8” could access the workstation moments after his 6ft 2” father had finished his working day. Rather than fiddling with knobs and levers to get comfortable, the chair would automatically mold to each user’s body intuitively without dozens of manual adjustments.

During the transformation – Image courtesy of Humanscale

The height adjustable Float desk alternates between sitting and standing with ease, allowing the user a healthier working environment, whilst also ensuring users of varying heights can be set up perfectly. Once again, in less than 30 seconds, different users are set up perfectly, ergonomically comfortable.

Comfort and functionality is paramount to the Humanscale product range, and every user is set up as if the workstation was custom made for their needs.

So, the products were clearly fit for the task, ensuring all members of the family could use the space in a comfortable and healthy way. But has style been compromised by such effective ergonomics?

It is often presumed, that ergonomic designs can compromise the style or flair of a home office. Thankfully, Humanscale has married the form, function and comfort of ergonomically sound products, with quality fabrics and minimalist style.

The office reveal – Image courtesy of Humanscale

The final result was an office, ergonomically designed to adapt to the users, not the other way around. Humanscale’s products combined innovative design with the expertise of ergonomists; adjusting to each member of the family, to make their work more comfortable. A fully ergonomic workstation promotes healthy posture and lowers the risk of work related injury but we will leave it to you to decide whether the final result is stylish?!

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