The #IBA17 Judging Day at citizenM Tower of London

At the start of the week the IBA17 shortlist was announced which meant there was just one step left until the awards night itself – judging day! On Wednesday 20th September, this year’s expert judging panel met to discuss the all-important 2017 shortlist and to decide on the winners. With thirteen category winners to decide on, the judges had a long task ahead of them so they, along with the IBA team had an early start at citizenM Tower of London which was this year’s judging venue.

With spectacular views of the Tower of London basking in the morning sun, the judges knuckled down to business at 9am. Starting off the day with a selection of pasties and bacon sandwiches, it wasn’t long before the judging was in full flow and many of the judges were already prepared with their favourites in each category from their research over the weekend.

This year’s judging panel was a mix of leading interior designers, stylists, brand creative directors, journalists and bloggers. Containing Sam Hood, Deborah Barker, Daniel Hopwood, Sophie Robinson, Pip McCormac, Charlotte Cosby, Kate Watson-Smyth and Kimberly Duran, you can read more about this year’s panel in our meet the judges post. No stone was left unturned during judging day, with the judges spending a considerable amount of time deciding on who the deserving winner of each category should be.

After much debate and consideration, the ten winners of the open categories were decided by lunch time with just the three additional award recipients to be decided. The Best Written Blog, Best Photography Blog and Best Designed Blog categories were the perfect end to the judging day as the judges had spent all morning carefully combing over each shortlisted blog and therefore already had a good idea in mind for who they wanted these special awards to go to. Before long the day had drawn to a close and everyone bade farewell until the awards ceremony.

The top triumph of the night, the Bloggers’ Choice award, is being decided by the shortlisted bloggers as you read this and will be announced along with the other 2017 award winners at the Design Museum on Wednesday 25th October.

Are you as excited as we are?

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