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Get Ready for The IBA Expert Webinar on Wednesday 31st May

On Wednesday 31st May 2017, the Amara Interior Blog Awards will be hosting an exclusive event and we want you all to join us! Kicking off at 11am BST, the IBA Expert Webinar will be streamed live from Amara HQ and will showcase four blogging experts exploring a range of topics within the industry. Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About the House, Sarah Akwisombe, Grant Pierrus of Interior Style Hunter and Amara’s own Freddie Chatt, will be sharing their knowledge with those that tune in on the day.

The webinar will start with a brief introduction by Karen Waddilove (Amara’s Head of PR), each guest speaker will then delve into their chosen topic. The IBA Expert Webinar will draw to a close with a live Q & A, so now is your chance to submit the questions you want answered by our experts. Please Tweet or Instagram #AskIBA to join the conversation and ask any questions between now and the 31st May to be in with the chance of them being read out to our experts on the day. Alternatively email us your questions at  IBA@amara.com. Take a peek at the line up for The IBA Expert Webinar and the topics they will be discussing…

Meet the Experts

Kate Watson-Smyth – Mad About the House

Kate Watson-Smyth is a journalist who has been writing for the national press including The Independent, The Financial Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail for the last 25 years. She set up her award-winning blog madaboutthehouse.com five years ago and is now the only blog to be syndicated in the national press – the ipaper. Her first book Shades of Grey came out last year and she is busy writing her second. In addition to that Kate also runs an interiors consulting business helping source and style items for the home.


IBA Expert Webinar
Kate Watson-Smyth

Webinar Topic: Content is King

  • Make your blog stand out with good content – yes the SEO is important and the style, but if your content isn’t interesting and authoritative you will lose out
  • Readers are becoming more sophisticated in their reading habits – they have had to be as there is more and more online blogs out there. They can tell what is a regurgitated press release and they can tell when something is badly written or written without conviction
  • Good writing tips – quick journalism class on good writing

Sarah Akwisombe

In a short space of time Sarah Akwisombe has created an online community of die-hard fans who enjoy her authentic, no BS approach to the design industry. After having a successful blog and managing to launch into a career in interiors herself, she decided to start the No Bull Blog School where she teaches people how to take their passion for the creative industries and turn it into a brand and business.

IBA Expert Webinar
Sarah Akwisombe

Webinar Topic: How to Turn your Blog into a Successful Business

  • How to take your passion and turn it into a brand
  • How to build a cult community around what you do
  • How to monetise content and create a business model that supports you as a creative
  • How to go niche but still kill it online

Grant Pierrus – Interior Style Hunter

Having trained as an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist at Central Saint Martins in London in 2014/15 and followed up with training from KLC School of Design. Grant set up the Interior Style Hunter as a way to share his passion and knowledge of interior design with the aim of helping people to be more confident in creating beautiful spaces for you.

IBA Expert Webinar
Grant Pierrus

His first foray into interior design was just over a decade ago when he lived in Cape Town. At the time the property market was booming. Grant bought and renovated many properties on the sought after Atlantic Seaboard in Cape Town. A decade later, after a corporate city career in marketing, he now lives in South West London and has returned to his passion of creating beautiful interiors.

Webinar Topic: Developing New Digital PR & Marketing Techniques for Interior Blogs & Brands

  • The launch of Interior Style Hunter & Grant’s marketing agency
  • How the agency links interior designers with brands –  collaborations and the importance of digital marketing over traditional PR practices to see and measure results
  • How Interior Style Hunter serves as a voice for Grant’s clients in the industry and the blog’s current rebranding
  • Developing a new way to market – how Grant has pioneered new ways to add value to the industry by moving away from traditional marketing techniques through innovative campaigns and tests with clients

Freddie Chatt – Head of SEO at Amara

Freddie Chatt is Amara’s resident SEO expert and founder of the Amara Interior Blog Awards. He has been involved within SEO for over 5 years and now leads a team of 5 at Amara dealing with the full spectrum of SEO disciplines. His expertise has seen Amara’s organic traffic grow 100%+ year on year for each of the last 4 years. A particular highlight being the increase in traffic to Amara’s online magazine The LuxPad – growing from 6,000 organic visits in December 2015 to now achieving consistently over 60,000 organic visits per month since October 2016 to date.

IBA Expert Webinar
Freddie Chatt

Webinar Topic: The Importance of Good SEO for your Blog

  • Why SEO is great for Bloggers – SEO creates the ability to consistent (and free) traffic to your blog without the need to rely heavily on social media for traffic
  • The SEO Basics – your domain, title tags, meta descriptions etc.
  • Power of Keywords – Great way of finding out what potential readers want to read, as well as focusing your content
  • Yoast SEO (for WordPress) – Brief explanation of how it works and why it’s the best SEO tool for WordPress
  • Requirement of Quality –Google wants to see quality and they want to see unique content. Get these right and you’ll go far.

If you are a blogger or are looking to start a brand new blog, don’t miss out on this fabulous opportunity to get some expert tips from those in the know. Sign up on our dedicated page now to be able to watch the IBA Expert Webinar live on the day.


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