Top Tips to Grow your Blog’s Social Media Following

Social media and blogging go hand in hand and a large social media following is usually paramount to a blog’s success. The key to gathering a social media following is to try and engage with the audience you are trying to reach, you can do this differently across many platforms, but there are similar tactics you can apply to each of them.


All Channels

We will get into specific channels later on in the post, but to start here are our top tips which are universal for all social media platforms…

1. Follow/Like Other Accounts

This will always be one of the best methods of getting yourself more followers. Find as many accounts within your blog’s niche/subject and get following and liking!

2. Add Your Social Media Accounts to Your Welcome Email

Include your social media accounts in your welcome email when someone subscribes to your email list which will encourage them to follow you across all the different channels in one go.

3. Run a Giveaway on your Blog

There are some great apps such as Rafflecopter, Gleam or Kingsumo Giveaways that allow you to run giveaways on your blog that include following you on social media as an entry method. Reach out to brands that represent what your blog is about, let them know you’d love to do a giveaway and the chances are they will donate something to you for your readers to win.


4. Get a HelloBar

The HelloBar allows you to create a ribbon at the top of your site, a pop up or slider that displays your social profile that you wish for your audience to follow. Try rotating the social media platform (Twitter, Facebook etc.) every few weeks to grow your following across all of your accounts.


5. Add a ‘Follow Me’ Link in to Your Email Signature

Having this link in your constantly used email signature makes it easy to attract more followers as you are going about your everyday emailing duties.


6. Ask Questions

Asking questions to your audience on all platforms is great for keeping them engaged and increases your potential reach, you can do this on every channel – sometimes through just text, but if you add an image to your question post, engagement will increase.



Still one of the most used forms of social media worldwide, Facebook is a valuable tool to utilise to make the most out of your blog. Here are our top tips for gaining a strong Facebook following…

1. Invite Your Friends to Like Your Page

After setting up your Facebook page, your first port of call is to invite your friends to like your page. This sounds obvious but is often forgotten. Your friends will be your first and often most loyal fans – remember that.


2. Share for Share

Team up with a similar size blogger with a similar audience and offer to promote their page to your audience if they do the same to yours. A lesser used tactic these days but a mutually beneficial arrangement can do wonders.

3. Pay to Promote Your Page

If you want to accelerate your likes and have a little budget to play with then paying for them by using Facebook “promote” is worth doing. You can get relevant likes from as little as £0.05p per like and these can be highly targeted to the audience you want to have on your Facebook page.

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4. Comment on Other Pages as Your Page

This is a great way to expose your page more to your target audience. Make sure to participate on other pages where your audience is already having conversations. Find complementary Facebook pages and like them as your page, then watch your home feed and comment on the posts that are relevant to your blog.



We all know that Pinterest is the best place to go for inspirational imagery on just about any topic, but it is also a fantastic promotional tool too. Here are our best tips for getting more Pinterest followers…

1. Join Group Boards

Joining group boards is a great way to get your pins (and therefore your profile) more widely known. Find group boards on your blog/business area, check the requirements and then see if you can join. Jen Stanbrook of Love Chic Living has a great Love Home Bloggers board with a lot of followers and contributors that could be a great place for you to start if you are an interiors blogger.


2. Pin Consistently and Frequently

To make people realise it’s worth their while to follow you, you need to have a clear agenda for your account as well as filling it with plenty of amazing imagery. Remember, portrait imagery works best on Pinterest.

3. Like More Pins

The ‘like’ feature is the most underused feature of Pinterest for many users as most people just ‘save’ (formally ‘repin’) their favourite pins. Liking pins is a great way to engage with other pinners without needing to have the image on your boards.

4. Comment on Pins Too

This tactic works best on Pinterest as commenting is not very common on the platform, comment on relevant pins, ask questions and make sure to keep your interaction authentic.



Twitter is an essential form of social media for any blog, it has changed the way news is distributed and allows you to instantly see what people across the globe are talking about on any giving topic. Take a look at our top tips to grow your Twitter following…

1. Answer Questions

By answering questions from people you want to follow you, it becomes instantly more likely they will follow you back:

  • Create a private list of key people you want to follow you
  • Check this list frequently to see if they have asked any questions
  • Reply if you know the answer or RT to help them find an answer
  • Once they see your name a few times helping them out, they’ll be sure to give you a follow

2. Run a Dedicated Giveaway

Retweet & Follow giveaways have been used by brands, bloggers, pretty much everyone to quickly grow their following. Simply pick a relevant prize that your audience would love to have and create a tempting image to go with it. Launch the giveaway and watch your following skyrocket.


3. Share Previously Popular Content

Share the content of people you want to follow you and make sure you @mention them so they know you’ve shared it.


4. Get Involved in Twitter Chats

There are loads of Twitter chats on every topic imaginable to join, Find some chats relevant to your blog and start interacting, don’t be scared!



Instagram is the new kid on the block out of the top social media platforms and it has been said that younger generations are turning to the image site over the other leading social outlets. Here’s how to make sure you have a  strong Instagram following…

1. Stay Consistent

Consistency is key on Instagram even more so than the other channels. When someone lands on your profile, it needs to be instantly obvious what you are all about. Urban Couture Design does this perfectly, their imagery is consistent and you know that if you follow them, you’ll get a steady stream of high quality interior inspiration on your feed.


2. Use the Right Hashtags

Making sure you know the most popular hashtags in your niche is crucial to growing. Test out a few new ones (as long as they are relevant to your post) and see how the engagement changes.

3. Ask users to ‘Tag a Friend’ in Your Posts

This works particularly well for events, or activities and is a great way to get seen by more people.


4. Don’t Forget to Like Photos

As well as following people in your niche, make sure you like photos in your niche. Use the search feature, look at hashtags and like the photos that suit your style. Often people will see these likes and then check out your profile (and if they like it, it will hopefully lead to a new follower for you too).

5. Collaborate with Similar Users

Hosting an Instagram challenge with some other users is a great way to get your account seen by other people’s audiences. Outreach likeminded Instagram users that have a similar niche to your blog to set up the challenge within a specific theme then use photo prompts each day for a certain length of time and invite others to create and share their own photos to participate in the challenge.

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