The Style Rooms at The HOUSE Fair

The 2016 HOUSE Fair in association with House & Garden contained a unique event never before seen at the show. The Style Rooms sponsored by the Amara Interior Blog Awards featured three styled room sets under the up to date theme of Summer Living. The HOUSE Fair and the Amara Interior Blog Awards invited three top interior bloggers to take part in the exhibit which stood at the centre of the fair and ran from 22-25 June 2016. Grant Pierrus of Interior Style Hunter, Martyn White of Martyn White Designs and Gabby Palumbo of Flat 15 worked their magic on the blank exhibition spaces to create a breath-taking dining room, bedroom and living room.

Grant Pierrus' of Interior Style Hunter Room Set
Grant Pierrus’ of Interior Style Hunter Room Set

Grant’s Artisan Chic dining room gave an industrial edge to the Summer Living theme and he worked closely with Lombok, Reed Harris and Ana Barreto for this project. Inspired by his travels which have taken Grant to some of the most luxurious of spaces, he feels that it is the artisan furniture which makes these spaces unique so looked to reflect artisanal qualities in his HOUSE Fair room set. The Lombok dining table was the statement of the room, setting the artisan theme perfectly.

Gabby Palumbo of Flat 15's Room Set
Martyn White of Martyn White Designs’ Room Set

Martyn White’s Summer Living room set took on the sub-theme of Summer Purity with a bedroom filled with fresh elegance combined with calming minimalism. The finished space captured the feeling of a summer breeze flowing through a room and he led with bright white walls and flooring before creating multiple focal points within the room which connected with each other. With the exception of the bright bursts of green, Martyn steered clear of vibrant colours opting to keep the design neutral to allow the minimalist approach to shine.

Gabby Palumbo of Flat 15's Room Set
Gabby Palumbo of Flat 15’s Room Set

The vision for Gabby’s living room space in the Style Rooms was to create a chic yet eclectic natural design for easy Summer Living. Embracing pale colours and natural tones, Gabby kept her palette airy and bright whilst still using summer shades of green and pink combined with gold accents and natural woods. Incorporating textures such as wicker, vintage kilim rugs and natural stoneware, Gabby completed the eclectic look with touches of brass to bring the room to life.

Sam Hood introduces the top bloggers followed by a live Q & A
Sam Hood introduces the top bloggers followed by a live Q & A

The three rooms were introduced by Amara’s Creative Director and IBA Judge Sam Hood on Friday 24 June in front of the filled House Theatre which had housed a variety of talks throughout the exhibition. The bloggers were then invited to give the audience an in-depth overview of each of their rooms before the floor was opened to questions on the rooms sets and interior design in general. The bloggers handled each question put to them with professional ease, demonstrating their enviable styling know how and showing why they were each chosen for the exciting task.

Visit The HOUSE Fair website for more information on the event and when it will on in 2017.

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