Hege Morris: The Interior Blogger’s Guide to Pinterest

In our earlier post we discussed the importance of social media when blogging and this week we are looking in more depth at just one social media outlet – Pinterest. Top blogger and Pinterest expert Hege Morris of Hege in France has written this handy guide on how to utilise Pinterest on your blog for the Amara Interior Blog Awards Blog which will have you pinning away in no time!

The social media platform Pinterest has taken the UK by storm. For interior bloggers it has quickly become one of the most important platforms for gathering inspiration for blog posts and DIY projects. Pinterest is where to spot and introduce new products as well as trends. If you don’t have very much time to read blogs, you will find that most blog content is now on Pinterest, so it’s a way of keeping up to date too.

Many bloggers don’t like to pin their own content, but it’s important as your Pinterest followers are unlikely to be exactly the same as your blog followers. 70% of the content on Pinterest are repins, so it’s important to add new content.

When you pin something from your blog to your Pinterest account you’ll notice an increase in blog statistics too. Why? Because some of your Pinterest followers will click on the photo and end up on your blog. This of course means that you might gain more blog followers too as well as repins. Pinterest is a huge traffic driver to websites.

Avoid uploading your images to Pinterest. You lose the link you get when pinning directly from your blog. The person who repins might be curious as to where it came from and who took the photo, but it’s more difficult to find where the photo came from if the image was uploaded.  It’s much better to pin directly from a post so your followers end up on your blog.

The ‘pin it’ button is crucial for all interior design blogs and if you don’t already have it you can get it here. It makes it really easy for your blog readers to share your photos with their followers.

How do bloggers find inspiration on Pinterest? Sometimes they might like a photo and write about it. They might find a DIY project and try it themselves. Sometimes bloggers click on a photo and find more photos from the same home that can lead to a blog post. Here’s an example. This beautiful Swedish living room leads to the entire apartment with beautifully styled images. This apartment is for sale. As Nordic countries in particular have homes styled before they release them for sale this has become hugely popular amongst bloggers. You often see the same newly released apartment on several blogs the next day, not to mention on Pinterest too.

photo1Photo by Alvhem

On Pinterest you don’t follow your friends like you do on other social media platforms, you follow pinners you find inspiring. If you don’t find Pinterest inspiring it’s because you’re following the wrong people. You might need to follow more pinners or even unfollow some. Remember that you can follow and unfollow boards too.

Keep your Pinterest account looking good. Pinterest lets you move your boards. Put the most popular boards towards the top and change cover photos every so often. Get to know your analytics too. There you can see everything from your most pinned photos to where your audience is based. You will find a lot of useful information.

If you would like to see what people pin from your site look it up by using this link https://www.pinterest.com/source/yourblognamehere/

Bloggers are trendsetters and influencers, so you often read about emerging trends on blogs first. The green plant trend started as a micro trend, but has ended up a macro trend as it became really popular to blog about green plants. You now see green plants everywhere even in bathrooms.

photo2Photo by Hearth

For quite a while now washed linen sheets have been a favourite with bloggers. It’s been in not to have curtains at all, but at the moment the long curtain trend is emerging on Pinterest.

photo3Photo by Ollie and Seb’s Haus

Does it matter when you pin? Yes, absolutely! The best time is in the evening from 8pm to 1am.

When you pin a photo to Pinterest you’ll find that vertical photos outperform horizontal photos. This is simply because they take up more space and the image is larger. The best size for photos is around 735 pixels x adjusted height. So when you take photos for your blog try to make them vertical so they’ll work better on Pinterest. A photo like this is lovely, but wouldn’t be repinned many times simply as it’s too small. Had it been vertical it would have been pinned and repinned more.

© Anna  MalmbergPhoto by Fantastic Frank

If you’re looking to gain followers on Pinterest, remember to link to relevant boards in your blog posts. You should also have a Profile widget on your site so people can see what you pin and it’s easy to follow you.

Pinterest lets you create secret boards too. They are useful for blog posts or projects that you would like to do in the future, but are not quite ready to share yet with your followers.

When it comes to business owners and shops Pinterest is driving more traffic to retail websites than other social networks. This makes Pinterest very attractive to businesses, yet a lot of companies don’t use it, which is surprising. Again as mentioned above don’t upload photos to Pinterest, but pin them directly from the shop. If a Pinterest user clicks on the photo they will find themselves in your shop, which is quite amazing and worth a lot. It’s just as important, or perhaps even more so, for all shops to have the pin it button. Essentially your clients are marketing your products and sharing them with their followers for free – not many platforms let you do that.

Product photos don’t perform as well on Pinterest as styled photos, so we now see companies investing in inspiring styled photos. Here’s an example. These black and white towels look nice, but they wouldn’t be pinned much.


However if you put the towels in a bathroom setting like this you would expect a lot more repins, visits to the shop and sales. You can of course include several products in one styled photo. It would be too much work and too costly to have every product styled. In the photo below we see the black and white towels, a selection of scented candles and a basket all available to buy at Amara.

photo 6 (Medium)


For businesses and especially shops it’s important to make their Pinterest account inspiring, but also to reflect the brand. Nobody will want to follow you if you only pin your own product photos. It’s too boring. Pinterest should be fun and inspiring.

Pinterest is a useful tool for Interior Designers too. They can find ideas of room layouts, trends and where to buy products. Most importantly though, Pinterest is a very good marketing tool.  Interior Designers can share their designs with their followers and in turn get more work. The same goes for photographers.

Make sure to add the right keywords. Hashtags don’t work on Pinterest, so it’s better to describe a photo well. Don’t forget to add your name or your shop name in the description of a photo. This will make it more likely for your pins to come up when Pinterest users do a search.

If you’re not a blogger or a shop owner Pinterest can still be both fun and very useful. Let’s say you’re looking to update your living room for example. You can most likely find your dream living room on Pinterest. Create folders for each room you would like to change and pin your dream rooms and products. If you like DIY you’ll find plenty of good ideas and step by step tutorials too. It’s a very clever way of organising everything online instead of keeping scrapbooks or piles of magazine clippings.

Say you live in a small apartment at the moment, but might have ideas of where you would like to live in the future and what you would like it to look like. Why not start pinning your dream home now?! If you don’t want anybody to see it – create a secret board.

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