Explore the New Paint Shades from #IBA18 Sponsor Farrow & Ball

Masters of colour and sponsors of the Best Colour Inspiration Blog award, Farrow & Ball have introduced nine new paint shades to their colour card this autumn. Dedicated to creating richly pigmented paint that is renowned for its depth and complexity, Farrow & Ball’s newest colours were carefully chosen to rebalance their colour card. Replacing nine existing shades, the latest hues will preserve the curated palette of 132 timeless paint colours that have become synonymous with the brand. The IBA Blog takes a closer look at the nine new paint shades…


Farrow & Ball don’t often create new colours so it’s a very exciting and special time for the brand. Launched globally at London Design Festival on the 20th September, the new colours are the first from the Dorset based brand since 2016. A lot of thought and detail goes into each new hue, from refining its exact shade to deciding the perfect name and telling the unique story behind its rich pigments. From exotic pink, deep red, soft white and down to earth blue, each new colour is blended with only the most vivid pigments and finest quality ingredients for an extraordinary depth of colour.


Head of creative, Charlotte Cosby, who co-created the new paint hues said:

“New colours is an incredibly exciting time at Farrow & Ball, it’s not something we do often, making it feel all the more special. An extraordinary amount of time and thought goes into each colour, from working with our expert craftsmen to refine the exact shade to dreaming up the perfect name and telling the story behind the colours. The collection is intelligently designed to ensure the colours you choose sit effortlessly alone or as a scheme as well as responding extraordinarily to light, we can’t wait for them to bring home across the world to life!”


School House White® No. 291

Reminiscent of the colour used in school houses, this soft white shade is the lightest in the group that includes Shadow White, Shaded White and Drop Cloth.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Treron® No. 292

A grey green version of Farrow & Ball’s classic Pigeon colour, it takes its name from a green variety of the species and is a lovely complement to their Traditional Neutrals.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Jitney® No. 293

A relaxed and sandy neutral that takes its name from the bus that whisks New Yorkers out of the hot city to the beaches of the Hamptons.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Paean Black® No. 294

This Georgian inspired red based black is a nod to the colour of old leather hymnals which so often included a song of praise or paean.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Sulking Room Pink® No. 295

This muted rose is evocative of the colours used in boudoirs, a room originally named after the French ‘bouder’ – to sulk.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Rangwali® No. 296

An exotic pink that is inspired by the powder used so enthusiastically at the Holi festival of colours in India.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Preference Red® No. 297

Farrow & Ball’s deepest and richest red. This Baroque colour is named in honour of their general trade name. The preferred red of modern homes.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Bancha® No. 298

A mid-century modern green that’s a darker version of the much-loved archive colour Olive. Named after Japanese tea leaves, it provides a feeling of security.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

De Nimes® No. 299

An elegant blue that is wonderfully down to earth. It’s inspired by the cloth of everyday workwear originally made in the French city of the same name.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball

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