An Evening of Wellbeing for the Humanscale Blogger Event at Soho Works

This year’s Best Newcomer Award sponsor teamed up with the Amara Interior Blog Awards last week to hold a blogger event focused entirely on wellbeing. As the makers of ergonomic officeware, Humanscale triumph the importance of health and wellbeing for any working environment whether in an office or at home. With this in mind, Humanscale invited Rohini of The Beat that my Heart Skipped, Elizabeth from Rosalilium, Jane from The Women’s Room Blog, Martina from A Designer at Heart and Emma Jane Palin to experience a range of wellbeing activities along with gaining expert advice on how best to set up their blogging space to ensure maximum comfort and productivity…

Healthy snacks for the start of the wellbeing session

Held at Soho Works both the bloggers and the IBA team that attended were delighted to explore the round-the-clock workspace in the centre of Shoreditch. For individuals and businesses to experience a co-working space, Soho Works is filled with large open-plan spaces, studios, workshops and numerous break out areas and nooks all available for a monthly membership.


Positioned in a selection of meeting rooms and studios across the 4th floor, the Bloggers Wellbeing Workshop allowed the attendees to experience the comfort of Humanscale products whilst learning how to repair their physical and cerebral disposition. A full workshop to soothe mind, body and soul, the event included four sessions for the bloggers to sink their teeth into:

Humanscale Ergonomics Meeting with Sukhneet Assee

1:1 Ergonomics Meeting


Sukhi received a Master’s of Science in Applied Ergonomics with concentration to office ergonomics from the University of Nottingham. She is passionate about the design of human-environment interfaces, anthropometry and how the built environment can contribute to worker health and performance. In her session the bloggers were able to go through their own office set ups to get Sukhi’s expert advice on how to improve their working environments.

Kinesiology Therapy with Ella Owen

Kinesiology Therapy Session


Ella Owen is a health and wellbeing facilitator specialising in nutritional therapy, kinesiology, wellbeing coaching, and vibrational energy healing modalities, and has been in practise since 1999. She trained with the College of Natural Nutrition and the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and is a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners.


Aura & Chakra Photography with Sankar

Aura & Chakra Photography


Sankar is one of the UK’s leading Aura Specialists. Aura photography gives everyone the opportunity to see their own aura. His aim is to spread knowledge and understanding about the significance of the aura and its importance to health and well-being in our daily life. The bloggers were astounded to find out the colours of their aura which depicts their internal energy and also how they are perceived by others.

Craniosacral Therapy with Miki Ettore

Craniosacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy is very gentle and non-invasive yet it is an extremely powerful form of treatment which is increasingly recognised by doctors for the depth of its influence and its ability to resolve issues that are not resolved by any other conventional treatments. Miki’s role as an experienced Craniosacral therapist is to support your body’s innate ability to balance, restore and heal itself. By ‘listening’ to your body it is possible for her to detect and release tensions in a gentle, supported and comfortable way and all of the bloggers came out of this session feeling particularly refreshed.


Top row left to right: Haley from Humanscale, Martina, Miki, Elizabeth, Sanakr & Ella. Bottom row: Jane, Rohini, Sukhi & Emma


To wind down the evening, there was also two top prizes up for grabs. The first was a month’s membership to Soho Works for one lucky blogger to experience the sleek co-working environment first-hand, and the runner up prize was a Humanscale perfect desk set up in their home. Jane was the lucky winner of the Soho Works membership and Rohini will be receiving the Humanscale makeover in their home office.


Karen from Amara choosing the lucky winners


A big thank you to all the talented therapists for taking part and Humanscale for organising such a fabulous event. A selection of Humanscale’s ergonomic office furniture is available at Amara, to help you kit out your own home office.

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