Interview with IBA18 Best Company Blog Award Winner, COCO-Morocco

COCO-Morocco took home the International Best Company Blog Award at the 2018 Interior Blog Awards. We sit down with the mind behind the blog, Marlene, to find out what inspired her to start the blog and where she hopes COCO-Morocco will take her in the future…

What inspired you to start your blog?

I’ve always been blogging about my architectural business I was running in Belgium, so when I moved to Morocco, it was a very natural thing to do. My old blog somehow shows the evolution to where I am now professionally. For me, it’s a written proof of re-inventing myself from architect and design lover to expert in sourcing handmade goods, still as a design addict.

Image courtesy of COCO-Morocco

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Company Blog Award

Taking part in the IBAs first came as a spontaneous reaction because I only saw it when there was a few days left to enter. From that moment on, it felt like a conspiracy of the universe. Things literally started to gear up and I had NO IDEA what was happening. I was in the midst of changing blogging platform while people had to find my blog because they needed to vote. At the same moment my business started to go wild and I ‘m ashamed to say that because of this all, my blogging has gone down seriously. I just can’t seem to find enough time. But I’m so happy for all this happening.

Image courtesy of COCO-Morocco

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

I hope it will become a platform for handmade exclusive goods, showing my expertise in this niche. We want to stay the leading sourcing agency in Marrakech with some great ideas in the pipeline. We’re now taking our first steps into creating Marrakech Design Week, with a focus on handmade only. All this will be part of my blog. I’m convinced that a blog is one of the tools needed to create a connection with your clients.

Image courtesy of COCO-Morocco

How important is your blog to your business?

This is difficult to answer as I don’t measure it. However, I’m convinced that there are two major paths through which people find me and that’s Instagram and my website which my blog is a part of.

Image courtesy of COCO-Morocco

What inspires your blog content?

Handmade, slow and ethical production. New shops, great interior design, beautiful hotels and houses around Marrakech. The differences to overcome to understand another culture. Being a gateway into Marrakech with a Western view.

Image courtesy of COCO-Morocco

4 thoughts on “Interview with IBA18 Best Company Blog Award Winner, COCO-Morocco”

  1. Marlènes articles are always a nice inspiration to look different at the offered things at the souk. She has an eye on the tiny details that make things very special. I love that.

  2. Greeting from Malaysia!
    I’m a handmade stuff addict too! I’ve always inspired by Marlene’s works with handmade stuff. I followed her on Instagram quite a while and I really enjoyed it so much. Hoping to see more of the handmade works in the future ❤

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