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A few weeks ago we interviewed Sarah Akwisombe winner of the 2014 Best Newcomer Blog Award and one of her answers got us thinking. There is no one better to give advice to bloggers just stepping into the world of blogging than those that achieved the ultimate goal of creating a successful blog which takes off in the first year. So we have compiled the top tips from a few of the shortlisted and nominated blogs for last year’s Best Newcomer Award to help wannabe bloggers that are about to take their first tentative step into the industry…

Best Newcomer Blog Award 2014 winner Sarah Akwisombe

Really focus on defining your niche and audience. Don’t try to write something middle of the road that pleases everyone or sounds like everything else out there – be uniquely you and you’ll find that’s where you have most success.

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Lucy Meek, Decorenvy

My advice for new bloggers would be not to overthink things before getting started. I agonised for six months before sitting down to write my first post, and even then I dithered for days over the exact wording and images before hitting publish. Don’t even get me started on layouts, colours and fonts! Your first post is unlikely to be a stellar piece of content, regardless of how long you spend on it. Your first blog layout is unlikely to be the one you end up sticking with. I’d advise just making a start, and letting everything else fall into place over the coming months once you’ve settled into a rhythm.


Emily Nicholson, Dursk

Just be yourself. It took a long time for me to pluck up the courage to start my blog and it wasn’t a decision made lightly. I had to be absolutely sure of my name, my ‘brand’ and if I was able to post consistently. My top tip would be to make sure what you’re featuring is what you love! Then it will be on par with your constantly developing brand style, you’ll write effortlessly about that topic and your pace of posts will be constant, not a chore. After all, you’re sharing your own views and that’s why your readers will return, for you.

Forward Features

David & Mark, Forward Features

We started out just over a year ago and have found time to work our blog around our full time jobs. Our main piece of advice would be to plan, plan plan! Make sure you know what’s coming and stay ahead of yourself – then if other commitments get in the way you’re not stuck with no content going out.

Stick to your content plan and get scheduling, but don’t be scared to deviate from it. Sometimes something wonderful will fall into your inbox and you’ll want to make the most of it.

We hope these fabulous tips have inspired you even more to take that first leap of faith into the blogging world, and who knows – maybe next year we will see you shortlisted for the Best Newcomer Award at the Amara Interior Blog Awards!

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