Shortlister Interview: What’s the Best Thing About Interior Blogging?

With just one week to go until the 2015 awards ceremony we thought we would ask our shortlisters the all- important question for the Amara Interior Blog Awards Blog – what’s the best thing about interior blogging? A great question for interior bloggers to really sink their teeth into, we have had a huge selection of responses, each very different from the last…

a gent of style

Since I draw my inspiration from various but interconnected fields like design, interiors, architecture, the arts and antiques as well as fashion, music, travel, nature and food, I never get bored. I also constantly meet people I admire and respect, who inspire and thrill me. Instagram has hugely contributed to that. With my inquisitive mind, impulsive sense of style and discerning eye for detail, I keep my finger on the pulse and I am always on the look-out for anything inspiring, intoxicating, sybaritic or simply authentic, in London or worldwide. Every day is different. With A Gent of Style I can document my musings, express my interests, creativity and individualism, put the spotlight on what assaults my senses and lifts my spirits but also I am able to chronicle my everyday adventures and occurrences.

Fabrice Bana, A Gent of Style

One of my favorite aspects of blogging about interior design and organising is that I’m covering two of my greatest passions in life!  I feel that these areas go hand-in-hand, as they are all about creating beautiful, functional spaces that empower people to live their lives to the fullest.

Anna E. Eskridge, Anna E. Lee Interior Design

Anna E Lee

Apartment Apothecary

Interior blogging gives me constant inspiration for my own home and DIY room makeovers. It also allows me to indulge my passion for beautiful homes on a daily basis as well as giving me a legitimate reason to be nosey and look round other people’s homes, which is my favourite thing to do! 

Katy Orme, Apartment Apothecary

The best part of interior blogging has to be meeting fellow-minded bloggers. I’ve been blogging for six years and since then I’ve met some amazing people who have inspired me more than they know. People who understand why you need to stop in your tracks and Instagram the perfect vignette, or people who aren’t afraid to share their knowledge, tips and even useful contacts. I love that there’s such a strong sense of community among interior bloggers.

Victoria Jackson, Apartment Number 4

Apartment Number 4

Archie and the Rug

After working in domestic and international development for over a decade I fully comprehend the importance of one’s surroundings and the concept of ‘home’. I adore sharing my influences and importantly sharing DIY/crafts as I want to inspire people to make a space their own regardless of budget.

Nicolette Lafonseca, Archie & The Rug

When I started blogging about 6 years ago, I had no idea what awaited me. Actually I started my blog to get in touch with people from the interior design industry and to be informed about the ins and outs of interior design worldwide. Very soon I realized that people from all over the world, whether amateurs or interior design professionals, all showed a lot of interest in my personal ideas about interior design, and in particular, in the Belgian interior design related articles I published. The best part of writing an interior design blog, is the possibility to unleash your creative interior design ideas and to share your unique design style with your audience, as blogging gives the author a direct voice to the world. I had no idea that blogging would give me the opportunity to reach such an amazing group of loyal and thankful readers, who really appreciate the effort one makes to express and to share personal interior design ideas. Blogging about interior design is also a way to connect with other design professionals, globally or locally, with whom you can exchange thoughts, knowledge and expertise.

Greet Lefevre, Belgian Pearls

belgium pearls


The thing I enjoy the most with blogging is sharing things that inspire me with like-minded people and the interaction with people from all over the world on various social media platforms. My favourite ones being my blog and Instagram because they are really visual diaries. I love taking photos and I love sharing so they are the perfect medium for me.

Karine Kong, Bodie & Fou

I love inspiring people on their own interior projects and when they send me photos, it gives me such a boost to keep blogging!

Natalia Alexandrou, British Style UK

british style uk

Candy Pop

I’m passionate about interior design and I especially love the way people express themselves through their interior choices. Blogging about interiors and sharing photographs of my home has enabled me to connect with like-minded folk. It inspires me to grow and evolve my style because life’s pretty boring when we stand still.

Natasha Denness, Candy Pop

I love sharing what goes on behind the scenes in my design studio with my readers and clients on my blog – they love to see the progression of my projects in real time. It’s a really personal way of showcasing my style and the way that I work.

Claire Garner, Claire Garner Interiors

Claire Garner

Copper Line

I love seeing the diverse ways in which people approach their homes and interiors, and how we all express ourselves through design. Just as we choose clothes to reflect our identity, so do our interiors, perhaps in more subtle ways. Every interior has a story behind it, and that’s fascinating to me.

Fiona Reid, Copperline

What I love most about blogging about a home’s interior is showing readers how to repurpose what they already have. To look at their possessions with new eyes. That “wow, that will work great” moment when they email me and tell me they’d never thought of that. But hey, it works! And they didn’t have to spend a dime.

Brenda Kula-Pruitt, Cozy Little House

Cozy little home


My favourite thing about writing Decorenvy is having a creative outlet outside of my day job – somewhere that I can post whatever I choose, write about it in my own style and experiment with photography. It’s really fulfilling to have a little corner of the internet that’s all yours!

Lucy Meek, Decorenvy

I love not knowing what each day is going to bring. There always seems to be something new and unexpected just around the corner. I also love the challenge of adapting to the new as blogging continues to change and evolve.

Helen Powell, Design Hunter

Design Hunter

Designed for life

I’m learning something new with every post I write and feeling inspired, which is essentially what keeps me going. But also to be able to document and share the beauty and creativity that I forever aim to surround myself with is a rewarding pastime. 

Myrline DelvaDesigned For Life

I love that we have the power in our keyboards. We have the freedom of making choices in our subjects; we can set trends, highlight designers and fab brands’ work. I love reading my blog comments, when I inspired someone and helped them save a few pennies. These days everything is so expensive, so I can show through my blog that you can have an amazing home without breaking the bank.

Anna Lysik, Don’t Cramp My Style

Don't Cramp My Style

Eclectic Trends

Actually blogging about interior design keeps me posted of what is coming next. Since I work on trends and advise my clients, I am constantly researching, and though not all information goes directly on the blog, a fair part is shared with my readers. I am a very visual person and blogging and writing texts helps me putting into words what lies behind a colour inspiration, a trend or a mood board I have created. I even might get new insights by writing my thoughts down.
Apart from that, I have made great friends through the blogging world, all due to like-minded people linked through blogging. And many have become wonderful collaborators today!

Gudy Herder, Eclectic Trends

As someone who has spent quite a lot of his life writing books that can take a year or more to complete, I like the speed of blogging – you can write a short and pithy post and serve it up to your readers in a matter of minutes. Also, you get to know your readers and what they like because they can leave comments or contact you easily, and my readers tell me about buildings I’ve not seen, or about bits of history I didn’t know – it’s a two-way process.

Philip WilkinsonEnglish Buildings

english building blog


The best part about writing and showcasing beautiful interior design projects is the feedback we receive from architects and designers about the increasing amount of new clients who use est as their number one design inspiration reference and resource.

This validates all of the long hours and hard work.

Sian MacPherson, Est Magazine

For me, the best part about interior blogging is the fact that I am constantly exposed to the most fabulous decor inspiration and creative people from around the globe. I love to see and share how design functions in real life and I enjoy personalising a new style or trend to make it fit my lifestyle and help readers discover how it can fit theirs.

Kim Montenero, Exquisitely Unremarkable

exquisitely unremarkable

flat 15

My favorite part of interior blogging is that I am able to express and create a visual diary of the objects, décor trends and great design that inspire me everyday!  I also love how this journey has introduced me to this extremely creative and design focused blogging community here in London.

Gabriella PalumboFlat 15

My favourite part about interior blogging is that I can rave about what I love most – interior design! It’s a great way of expressing my own voice and opinion when it comes to such a subjective topic like design.
And of course I also love the perks that come with it, especially when I get to stay at some of the most fabulous design hotels and then write about them…

Simone Aïda Baur, Global Inspirations Design

Global inspirations design


I love discovering new trends and designs, finding inspiration from beautiful images and settings. There is always something that makes me dream!
Also, the Internet makes everything accessible: one can find a great woodworker in the middle of Quebec, while sitting on her sofa!
When I find something that I like or that intrigues me, I immediately want to tell about it in my blog, so that someone else may dream too.
Only one downside… with all this inspiration I constantly want to make new additions and improvements to my apartment! It’s a never ending story!

Alessandra BarlassinaGucki

My favourite part about interior blogging is that I get to gaze at amazing furniture and home accessories all day, every day.  That might be from snooping around a shop or staring at beautiful photography. My own home is quite minimal and I often see new pieces I’d love to buy but don’t have the space for. Writing about these items is like therapy for me, it means I can enjoy without buying. Knowing that a sofa, bed or wallpaper that I have written about is just right for someone’s home is a wonderful feeling. It’s a lovely job and someone has to do it, I’m just glad it’s me!

Homegirl London, Homegirl London

homegirl london

Jessica Zoob

When I launched my blog three years ago I had no idea how much I’d enjoy it!
It’s such fun deciding what to blog about each week.
My blog is the perfect place to showcase beautiful, inspiring interiors, adventures and all the lovely things that I discover!

Jessica ZoobJessica Zoob Blog

It is an outlet for my creative energy.  I have anxiety along with mild OCD and having a place to focus my energies and thoughts on has been a godsend.  I’m so desperately passionate about decorating and design that sitting down for hour upon hour to work doesn’t feel like work at all.

Kylie Mawdsley, Kylie M Interiors

Kylie M Interiors


I enjoy that my blog makes me expand my knowledge about interior design every day, discover the works of other talented designers all over the world, share my projects and inspiration with my readers and understand that I can inspire with my blog other people.

Anna Kovalchenko, Essenziale HD

“Inspiration Has No Boundaries” – That is my favourite thing about interior blogging! Some of the best interiors inspiration is now found online and through blogging you can inspire and be inspired by people living even in the farthest corners of the world. Age, gender, ethnicity, culture, country, economic background… everything just melts into nothingness and the only thing that is left are talented people and their creative design ideas.

Rani Engineer, La Maison Jolie

La Maison Jolie

Laura Thomas Interior Blog

Sparking my own creativity and being inspired by others.

Laura ThomasLaura Thomas Interior Design

Interior Design is my passion so I find joy in being able to share something I am passionate about such as my projects, industry events, favorite products and my creative process with others through my blog.   I also enjoy the interaction from readers who take the time to comment on my blog posts.  When I blog it causes me to think about what I am writing about in a different way from designing a room which makes me look at the process in an entirely different light.  I learn something everytime I write a blog post.  Learning is living in my book.

Lisa MendeLisa Mende Design

lisa mende

little big bell

My favourite part about interior blogging is being able to style and photograph my images as a form of creative expression and to share with my readers my latest finds.

Geraldine Tan, Little Big Bell

It’s our chance to get seriously creative and go a little bit bonkers! We adore being playful with our words, gathering inspirational snaps and sharing general loafing nonsense from Loaf HQ. It’s a little glimpse into our laid-back world!

Charlie & the Loafers, Loaf


Love Chic Living

The best bit about interior blogging has to be the virtual shopping trip I take myself on, on a daily basis. Who wouldn’t want to look at inspiring interiors all day long!

Jen Stanbrook, Love Chic Living

The best part about blogging about interiors is that I get to share my favourite things with people that have a mutual love of visually beautiful objects! I love to unearth hidden gems that I think others will love and find inspiring.

Lucy GoughLucy Gough Stylist

Lucy Gough Stylist

Lucy Loves Ya

My favourite part about interior blogging is all of the interesting and talented people I get to meet at events and online. It’s incredibly inspiring for me and hopefully my readers too.

Lucy Gleeson, Lucy Loves Ya

After years of writing for newspapers the best part of blogging for me is being able to have a relationship with my readers. To chat to them and feel that we are building a relationship through the blog.

Kate Watson-SmythMad About the House

mad about the house

make light

My favourite part about interior blogging is how it pushes me to make time for my own interiors. I am always seeing beautiful things I want to do in my own home or gorgeous things to make. Blogging about it gives me the push to make time for it and create a happy home for my family. 

Emily QuintonMake Light

I think the key to blogging is to blog what you love and love what you blog. Being able to create moods boards and shopping wish lists about fashion, interiors and generally just beautiful things makes me very happy and I hope it inspires my readers too!

Bonita Turner, Mamas VIB

mama's VIB


The best bit of interior blogging for us is helping our readers to be adventurous and to celebrate their individuality.   We want to inspire them to create homes that reflect their personalities and help them to bring elements of trend led design into their home, but without thinking that they have to slavishly follow trends or re design their entire house every season.

Jacqui, Hollie and Amelia BrooksMiaFleur

The best part about interior blogging is the amazing people that we get to meet! From our devoted readers who we’ve cultivated relationships with over the past few years, to the interior designers and architects we get to interview and whose gorgeous portfolios we display, to the fellow bloggers with whom we have this amazing common bond, the people are the reason we continue to do this. When we started our blog seven years ago, we thought it would be a year-long project, a hobby to help us complete some house projects we were working on. But the incredible people that we have met along the way have encouraged us to keep going and are what make blogging such a joy!

Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson HarveyMy Design Chic

My Design Chic

My Scandinavian Home

I’ve always been passionate about interior design. When I moved to Sweden I was mesmerised by how much energy people put into making their homes beautiful. My Scandinavian Home blog has been a fantastic way to document and share these spaces as well as inspire others, which is truly rewarding.

Niki Brantmark, My Scandinavian Home

Since our launch in 2014, Warehouse Home & have quickly established a firm standing as the definitive destinations for residents of premium lofts and warehouse conversions and as the go-to sourcebooks for industrial, vintage and reclaimed style for modern homes. Warehouse Home is a bi-annual publication delivered directly to high-end warehouse conversions across the UK. A complete digital edition is also available to view free here and has been read in 57 countries worldwide. Running alongside our popular publication, the blog offers much more regular interior design and decor posts, with weekly updates on new product launches and tips for unique vintage finds, “get the look” inspiration and much more. It’s the ideal place for us to share all of the amazing ideas and designs we unearth every week – and a fantastic source of daily inspiration for our loyal international audience. The best thing about blogging is that we’re in constant contact with people who live in warehouse homes around the world, are inspired by the warehouse aesthetic or who supply unique and original vintage, industrial and reclaimed style designs. Our inboxes are always full of beautiful pictures. And we receive a huge number of requests for tips and suggestions from readers. We love to share our expertise and we’re passionate about design and warehouse living, so that interaction is exciting and inspiring.

Sophie Bush, My Warehouse Home

my warehouse home

National Design Academy Logo

The best part about interior blogging for the National Design Academy is being able to share our team’s wealth of knowledge and their passion for Interior Design. Our blog is dedicated to providing exciting industry news and sharing the current interior design topics we feel our students & all those who are passionate about interior design will enjoy reading and be inspired by.

Marianne Reed, National Design Academy

My favourite thing about interior blogging is connecting to a community of like minded people and getting inspiration from them. I also love that some of my own work is inspirational to others. I love seeing how different and quirky peoples homes are and blogging allows me to be nosy!

Susie Earlam, Old Fashioned Susie

Old Fashioned Susie

The Only Girl in the House

Blogging is the place I can combine my two passions in life – my family and interior style. I love creating family friendly interiors and helping mothers who might feel like they’ve lost their home design (along with their pelvic floor strength) somewhere between childbirth and a mountain of obligatory, brightly coloured plastic!

Jess Warner, Only Girl in the House & The French Bedroom Company

When asked by the ‘Amara Interior Blog Awards’ the question “What is your favourite / the best part about interior blogging?”, the first answer that sprang to mind was ‘perfume’ , we ‘love’ it and we ‘love’ writing about it! Of course, that may be because we are biased!!

We know that people ‘love’ wearing/using perfume in their homes and they ‘love’ discovering their favourite scent, it becomes their aerial signature!!

It has been proven that we create our world around us. We use our interior landscape to create the homes we wish to live in. This also includes our outside spaces, from gardens to a window box.

Within this interior/exterior world ( Our World), ‘olfaction’ or as we know it ‘our sense of smell’, is the oldest sense. It keeps us safe, creates memories and makes us happy.

For us, perfume, sense of smell and interiors are intrinsically linked, like ‘Love & Marriage’ or a ‘Horse & Carriage’, you can’t have one without the other.

So in a ‘nutshell’ (a beautifully fragranced nutshell) – What is the best part of Blogging ? – we Love it, we love sharing, learning and discussing.

Huib Maat, Pairfum


Patchwork Harmony

I think it is still the same as when I originally started blogging 7 years ago. I love having a place to collate all my inspiration, ideas and thoughts on interiors in one place. It is a lovely way to document my own journey in terms of my own home and my career. And as time has gone on, I love the exciting and fun opportunities it has brought me. I will always credit blogging for where my freelance career grew from, as that is where it all started for me.

Caroline Rowland, Patchwork Harmony

I use my blog mainly to give good, practical advice for people who are thinking of doing work to their house/home and as my motto says “no fluff just sensible stuff” and what a better place then spreading the word around than blogging.  I like to keep it simple and accessible, a blog for anyone.

Rowena Vaughan, RJV Designs



Blogging allows for me to express the full spectrum of my creativity and thoughts on any/every Design subject.  Blogging lets you peek into various worlds, designs and subjects and give them my own passionate spin.  Or as I would say on my site… it’s essential like oxygen.

Robin de GrootRobin de Groot Blog

When readers comment on their decorating success using tips and suggestions by ROCO, it is truly the most rewarding part of creating the blog and magazine.

Rachael Colton, ROCO Mag


Sarah Akwisombe

The best part about blogging is that it allows you to shortcut your way into an industry. I would have never had the opportunities and brand collaborations that I would have without a blog to back up my creative ideas and show my work ethic. That might ruffle some feathers in the industry, but I’m ok with that!

Sarah AkwisombeSarah Akwisombe

The social aspect of interior blogging is what appeals to me the most. There’s a misconception that blogging is a rather lonely hobby (or job, depending on your circumstances). While writing a post may indeed work better when done at unsocial hours, blogging as a whole is very interactive. I love going to interiors events and meeting fellow bloggers, new designers and interiors icons (like Nina Campbell during a design masterclass a month ago). It is also very satisfying when my blog works as a platform to introduce some very talented people and their products/designs to a wider audience, which is a great push for someone who is just starting out. And through award events like the AMARA IBAs, I have been introduced to the work of other bloggers which I now really enjoy reading on a daily basis!

Jenny Kakoudakis, Seasons in Colour

Seasons in colour


I love the way blogging can take you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to try new things, meet new people and visit some amazing places.

Angie Silver, Silver Spoon London

I love sharing my passion for Interiors on the  blog, I want to delve deeper into to some of the thoughts & history behind interior design. I learn so much and it inspires me.  When I get the feedback that people who read the blog feel the same I am blown away.

Phoebe Oldrey, Smart Style Interiors

SmartStyle Interiors

Stella and the stars

The best part about interior blogging is the feedback I get from readers who get in touch to say they got so inspired they bought something I featured or revamped a room following my tips. Also it has already created exciting new opportunities that I wouldn’t have dreamed of and has brought me down a career path I never thought possible just a few months ago.

Emilie JacobStella + The Stars

Writing an interior blog is satisfying in so many ways. I spend my time sorting through beauty and the work of incredible artists and I also satisfy my own creativity by styling and experimenting in my own home. Most of all, I get to inspire others to create a space that they love to come home to.

Mel Chesneau, Styled Canvas

Styled Canvas v2


The best part of interior blogging is definitely the connections you make – whether that’s other bloggers or your readers, getting that support and encouragement from those around you who share your passion is just fantastic. It’s the part of blogging that always keeps me coming back for more. Blogging is not an easy journey but you are not alone on your path. Everyone is different but the community is so supportive and celebratory and tapping into that support system can be the difference between giving up when things get tough or seeing it out and enjoying the journey with your friends and those you meet along the way.

Kimberly Duran, SwoonWorthy

I love that the world is my colourful interior oyster.  With my blog posts I am conjuring rooms decorated in every colour and style imaginable, all from the comfort of my office seat and laptop.  I love finding new trends, and highlighting new products. For me its about giving inspiration to my readers.

Amanda CottinghamThe ANA Mum Diary

the anna mum diary

The Design Library

The best part about interiors blogging on The Design Library is it lets me indulge in lots of interiors magazines and spend hours and hours on Pinterest and Instagram sharing all the amazing Australian and worldly finds I come across. With so many wonderful and talented design businesses to search and find I am always excited by new and reworked products and services that I can write about and highlight on my website.

Liane Cooper, The Design Library

My favourite bit about blogging is the freedom it offers. No matter your niche, there is a way of working your interests and passion in a way that inspires you and your readers. I love the fact that despite the fact there are a thousand blogs, there’s a place for everyone.

Erica DaviesThe Edited

The Edited

The Elgin Avenue

My blog began as a personal style site, however as I got older, moved in to my first flat (and then my second!) interiors, and developing a beautiful home became as important to me as styling my wardrobe. The Elgin Avenue has now evolved in to a holistic lifestyle site. Interiors determine the look, and most importantly, feel of your home and working environment, I love sharing the ways I craft my own spaces in the hope to inspire others.

Monica Beatrice Welburn, The Elgin Avenue

At The English Home the entire team contribute blogs to create a personal and on-going regular dialogue with our readers all around the globe.  Strong visual content remains vital and The English Home Journal blog roll  showcases all the key elements of the print edition from interior style inspiration to new product launches to seasonal recipes to key diary dates to consider to wonderful shops or venues to visit.  But more than this blogging allows us to enhance and expand upon print content highlighting events we have attended, behind-the–scenes activities such as photo shoots on location with the most fabulous names.  It’s a way to magnify the warmth and inclusiveness that we aim to achieve within the print and digital editions of each UK and international edition.

Kerryn Harper-CussThe English Home

The English Home

The Lovely Drawer

I love transformation, whether that’s taking unimpressive materials and making something new or overhauling something old. My brain is making over interiors all the time, if only I had the funds and time to keep up.

Teri Muncey, The Lovely Drawer

My favourite part is the curation process – it’s very creative and a great way to express one’s own personal style. Because a blog is constantly updated, it’s not only documenting what’s going on in the world of design, it ends up becoming a living, breathing creative venture in its own right. It also feels great to be able to promote undiscovered designers who are emerging on to the scene.

Antonia Edwards, Upcyclist


Wayfair's A Residence

Our homes are the places where we can be our true selves, I love sharing a little window into my home, finding out what makes other people’s homes rock and discovering objects, recipes and ideas that truly make a house a home.

Penny Alexander, A Residence

I love to share what I find on the web and inspire people to decorate their home in a simple and harmonious way. Unearth every day new household goods and inspiring styling, I guess is the best part of blogging. Another one, meet and talk with other interior design enthusiasts is simply enjoyable. 

Bianca, My Unfinished Home

my unfinished home


My favourite thing about blogging is essentially the ability to share all the things that get me excited with an ever-growing number of like-minded people.

We find a house, we write about it, we share it, they share it and before you know it there are hundreds of people talking about and getting excited about a house that might have been unloved on an estate agent’s listing for weeks. And it all starts from a single blog post.

David WalkerWowHaus

What’s your favourite part of interior blogging?

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  1. Erica Davies from The Edited could not have said it better: there are a thousand blogs but there’s a place for everyone. Love that!

    Thank you for hosting the Awards again this year, what a wonderful event this will be! On behalf of Seasons in Colour, we look forward to meeting everyone on the list!

    {SK for Jenny Kakoudakis}

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