#IBA18 Winner, A Villa On Mount Pleasant, Shares Her Top Tips For Taking Breathtaking Photographs

Tamsyn Morgans, creator of The Villa on Mount Pleasant, blew the judges away with the breathtaking images on her blog and she unsurprisingly took home took home the Best Use of Photography Blog Award at the 2018 Amara Interior Blog Awards. Tamsyn talks to the IBA Blog about what’s next for her and her blog next year and shares her top tips on taking outstanding images…

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

Where do you find inspiration for your blog content?

My home, which is full of my vintage/reclaimed finds is the main source of inspiration for all of my blog posts.  Over the last five years, my readers have followed my journey of slowly renovating my home, using reclaimed and repurposed textiles, furniture and artwork.  It’s an ever evolving canvas, and I use my home as a photographic studio, to set up room sets and vignettes.  In the summer, the flowers I grow in my garden play a big part in my photos and content.  It’s very much a seasonal story.

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

What’s the best blogging tip you’ve ever been told?

Blog for the love of it, because you’re excited to share something with your readers, rather than doing it because you feel to have to.  As soon as you fall into that trap, it’s game over.  It’s far better to blog quality content with love, rather than churning out posts that lack any depth.

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Use of Photography Blog Award?  

I’ll be honest with you, I felt close to tears!  It really was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me.  I was (and still am!) absolutely over the moon, to have my tiny corner of the internet recognised in such a way, it felt like such an achievement at a time when there are so many incredibly beautiful blogs out there.

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

What are your top tips for taking outstanding images for your blog?

Practice, practice, practice!  Learning the basics of photography inside and out, by watching videos and tutorials, by trying new things all the time.  Play around with composition and mood, these two elements can completely turn an average photograph into a ‘wow’ photograph.

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

Next thing on my list is to try my hand at travel photography, I’d also love to share more about fashion, specifically vintage and thrifted fashion.  In 2019 I plan to expand my portrait portfolio, and sell prints of my existing photographs.  I’m really excited about my plans for next year, it’s been a bit of a journey to get to this point, and I feel so lucky to be able to do something that I love.

Image courtesy The Villa On Mount Pleasant

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