US Best Interior Lifestyle Blog Winner, At Charlotte’s House, Talks to the IBA Blog

Charlotte, founder of At Charlotte’s House, took home the US Best Interior Lifestyle Blog Award at the 2018 IBAs. With a passion for blogging about interiors as well as crafts, holidays and flea market finds, the judges were blown away by her content. Charlotte talks to the IBA Blog about how she felt when she won the award and where she hopes her blog will take her in the future…

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

What inspired you to start your blog?

I had been an elementary school guidance counsellor in New York City, and then my family moved to the suburbs. Overnight, I found myself a stay at home mom and I needed something to do to fill my time! I started blogging not really knowing what that even meant, but I loved writing and have always been creative so it seemed as good an option as any. Quickly I connected with and realised that the DIY/ Decor blogging community was not only enormous but also SO inspiring and talented and was hooked!

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

How did you feel when you won the IBA18 Best Interior Lifestyle Blog Award?

Shocked! But so humbled and grateful and proud! I have a master’s degree in education, but I have never worked harder at something than I have this blog. The hours are never ending. The skill set is broader than anything else I’ve ever experienced. And there are times when I’m amazed at how long I’ve been doing this, how much I’ve learned, and how far I’ve come. Knowing that this hard work is appreciated is the best.

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

What’s your favourite topic to blog about?

I LOVE a good room makeover. Being able to come into a dull, drab, unloved space and give it a dose of colour and personality and perspective, that’s always the most fun for me.

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Do your homework. A blog is a bit like an iceberg in that there’s a TON beneath the surface that is really integral to supporting the website… understand the basics of SEO, photography, image optimisation, how your website is set up for example. I jumped into my blog blind and over time I was able to find my point of view and my voice, but going back to fix the images and the backend stuff… that was a hassle.

Blogging is SO much work, so first and foremost, you need to LOVE what you’re doing. If you start a blog to ‘make money’…. I got news… you can totally get there, but if that’s your sole motivation, good luck. With so many talented bloggers out there, having a personality and a unique perspective is essential.

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future?

Oh gosh… I’m never great with this sort of question. I love sharing my work on camera. I love inspiring people to bring in colour. I love keeping things in perspective and giving people practical ways to have a decorated and designed home. I hope that I can keep inspiring people to take design risks. I hope I can show people that decorating doesn’t have to be a herculean task, it’s accessible and easier than it looks!

Image courtesy of At Charlotte’s House

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