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Guest posting is a great method for increasing your blog’s audience, your content production and also adding some colour to your blog. An authoritative author with a well-written article can give a blog a much needed boost in traffic, sign ups and also SEO power. Accepting guest posts on your blog can be beneficial to both you and the authors who would like to write for you. Similarly, writing guest posts for others can be a great method for increasing your repertoire within the blogging community and showcasing your skills and knowledge.

However, guest posting should also be taken with a word of warning and a pinch of salt. There are two sides to the story on this matter: the blogger’s perspective and the SEO’s perspective. If you’re looking to increase your visibility in search engines, then guest posting has a history of bad practice to get ahead in the search game. Bad techniques have been used to gain unfair advantage, and these practices are now heavily policed by Google.

While search engines like Google have put down a firm foot on their view of guest blogging as a practice for SEO; if done with quality in mind and good intention for readers, then this is a practice that will certainly benefit both you and your audience, and also help your rankings.

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Let’s take a look at both sides of the argument:

Guest posting for bloggers

Accepting guest posts can add a fresh perspective and a new voice to your blog, and can also take the pressure off you for content production. The most beneficial thing to come out of guest blogging however, is the relationships you can form with others in the blogging industry.

If you’re a blogger and are looking to raise your profile amongst others in the same or similar category to you, then writing a post to feature on someone else’s blog can be a really good strategy for getting increased attention. This is an excellent way to form new relationships with other bloggers, who are obviously influential friends to have!

The best way to get a guest article on one of your peers’ blogs (if you haven’t already introduced yourself to them) is to have a clear idea of what you would like to post on their blog, showing the relevance between your idea and their content. Demonstrate how a post written by you would add something extra to their own content, and if you have something to say that would interest or benefit their readers. Including some examples of your own posts is a must, and this way the host blogger will know what to expect.

To make a good guest blogger, make sure you include a link to your guest post from your own blog, and promote the post across your social channels too. It’s only good manners to thank the host blogger in your post too!

The same goes for accepting guest posts on your own blog – if a contact approaches you, or you get a request out the blue, it’s best to make sure on both sides that whatever the guest post is, it will benefit both your readers. Be a good host by promoting the article for your guest, and by maintaining the relationship over time – you never know when further opportunities could arise.

Guest posting for SEO

This side of guest blogging can get a little tricky. Several years ago, many people used the practice of placing identical blog articles across a whole manner of websites to gain hundreds of links to their own sites, boosting their positions in the search results. This practice has a total disregard to quality and relevancy, and as a result created large amounts of spam content that wasn’t genuinely useful or beneficial to anyone. Although now heavily monitored by Google, this is sadly still something some people do today to cut corners and to try to boost their search rankings.

There are many companies or people that will try to contact you to ask about placing content on your site. This is where you will need to be wary of the quality of the sites that would like to post content and link to and from your blog. Sites that accept guest posts from anyone are the ones that are more likely to be penalised by Google – loosing rankings, and therefore traffic.

On the opposite side to this, if your strategy for gaining momentum in search results involves placing your articles on any website that will allow you without any regard to the quality or relevance of the site, it’s time to rethink your actions.


Guest posting can be a force of good or evil – the key is to avoid spamming your way into search results by placing content anywhere or everywhere, or by accepting content and links that are clearly doing this. Keep your goal on quality and useful information for readers, show others how your work can be beneficial to their audience, be polite and form new relationships – and guest blogging will turn into a useful and dependable strategy!


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