A Colour Masterclass at the KLC School of Design

Established over 30 years ago by Jenny Gibbs, one of the 2015 Amara Interior Blog Awards expert judges, the KLC School of Design is one of the most highly acclaimed design schools in the UK. Placing a strong emphasis on developing the creative spark in every student, the school’s passion for design radiates from everything they do. With an unrivalled variety of courses in both interior and garden design, every subject is taught by a talented professional in the industry who forms a creative, inspiring, fun and stimulating learning environment to set each student on their chosen career path.

UseFor our very first bloggers masterclass, we could see no better venue than the top design school based at the beautiful Chelsea Harbour, so we invited a selection of interior bloggers to join us for an afternoon of learning. Held by the school’s knowledgeable Deputy Director of Studies, Julia Begbie, the masterclass focused on the vivid world of colour and pattern, which the bloggers and the IBA team in attendance couldn’t help but get excited about.

As keen enthusiasts of colour themselves, the bloggers & the IBA team took in the initial presentation by Julia with rapt attention. The class covered the difference between analogous (harmonious) schemes which use three colours next to each other on the colour wheel to achieve a calming & quiet feel, and complementary schemes using opposite facing colours on the wheel, to achieve a bolder contrast. Adding white to create a tint, grey for tone and black to form a shade, can change the impact colour has on a room and the inclusion of pattern in a space can be used to add these vibrant colours without overwhelming the area.

Following on from the presentation was a practical exercise where the bloggers could then apply the knowledge they just gleaned on applying colour to an interior. Involving black and white room scenes and a series of concept images which had been filtered through handy colour extractor website Colour Explorer to find the different shades present, each blogger selected a room and an image and set about creating their own colourful haven.

When the time was up, the group were able to browse the other room plans and what was especially interesting to discover was how very different each blogger’s finished rooms were. The bloggers there on the day were Kimberly Duran from Swoon Worthy, June Olsen from Nostalgiecat, Jeska Hearn from Lobster and Swan, Lucy Gleeson from Lucy Loves Ya, Katy Orme  from Apartment Apothecary, Sarah-Louise Kimber from Lapin Blu, Heather Young from Growing Spaces and Geraldine Tan from Little Big Bell.

A huge thank you to KLC for having us and to the bloggers for coming – fingers crossed we see you all at the awards!

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