9 Productivity & Motivation Tips for Bloggers

So you’ve set up your blog, it looks great and you are raring to go, but how do you stay motivated after the initial excitement settles down? With lives becoming busier and busier and many bloggers holding down full time jobs and blogging on the side, finding the time and sticking to your initial goals is no easy task. This week we have rounded up our top tips on how to blog productively and stay motivated…

Plan your time

Fitting in time to focus on your blog can be difficult for people with hectic schedules (so that’s everyone right?), but setting aside an allotted time to work on and write for your blog is essential for productivity. By planning your week in advance and allocating free evenings or weekend mornings & afternoons to this, you are then more likely to think of it as a commitment you can’t get out of.

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Prepare to multitask

All good bloggers have more than one post on the go at any one time. This means that throughout any given week you can dip into more than one blog post, allowing you to work on a variety of topics to keep you motivated.  Forcing yourself to write about one subject when your heart isn’t in it on that particular day can curb your productivity and leave you feeling deflated. Use a scheduling tool to keep track of the posts you have on the go which will help you to plan posts more effectively & keep your readers interested with a varied selection of content.

Look for inspiration everywhere

Inspiration can blossom from anywhere and everywhere so make sure you leave no stone unturned in your quest for insightful blogging content. By constantly researching new topics for your next post via a wide range of outlets you will ensure your blog is filled with varied and informative content. Scour the internet, magazines, books and of course other blogs for inspiring new topics to write about.

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Utilise usually lost time

Throughout our days we encounter a certain amount of lost time which could be spent blogging! Do you have a long commute? Do you frequently travel for business? If so use this time to its full potential. Dedicating these times to blogging will also free up more of your spare time at home to spend with family & friends.

Learn to say no

Once your blog takes off chances are you will be contact by numerous people with content proposals for you to consider. Whilst it is always flattering when this happens, make sure you stay selective and never agree to write a post that doesn’t inspire you, there is nothing more difficult when blogging as writing a post that doesn’t spark your creativity.

Keep track of inspiration

There are few things more frustrating when blogging than uncovering a glimmer of inspiration only to forget about it the next day. Ensure this never happens to you by writing every single idea, thought and musing down before it floats away, this even means keeping a pen & paper next to your bed for the ideas that strike in the middle of night.

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Be strict with yourself

We all set ourselves small targets on a daily basis to make sure we complete essential tasks, this technique can be applied to your blogging to get each post done in a timely fashion. Each day or for each time period you dedicate to blogging, set yourself a challenge to get a certain amount done and tell yourself you can’t go out, relax or go to that party you’re really looking forward to until you have met your target.

Eliminate distractions

We have already talked about the importance of setting time aside for your blog, but this time needs to be distraction free to be truly productive. Many of us struggle to switch off from the distractions all around us particularly the call from social media, so when working on your next post, hide your phone, close your emails and steer clear of Twitter to get your best work done.

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Give into writer’s block (occasionally)

Writer’s block happens to the best of us and everyone at some point will have those days when they are just staring blankly at a computer screen for hours with zero inspiration. If this is a regular occurrence, it may be time to look into why this is happening and why you are struggling write, however  if you are just having a rare off day it can be far more productive to admit defeat for now. Step away from the computer, do something fun for the rest of the day then look at the post with fresh eyes the next day, normally this is all you need to get those creative juices flowing again.

How do you combat a drop in productivity & motivation?

2 thoughts on “9 Productivity & Motivation Tips for Bloggers”

  1. Hello
    I’ve just started a blog, so articles like this are gold-dust to me, thank you! I’m going to aim to do all of the suggestions, but in particular the multitasking one, as I only ever focus on one post at a time. Not that I’ve done that many posts, only a handful. But I will try to get a few going at once, like you recommend, so that I can dip in and out of writing as the inspiration comes.
    Can you help please, you mention a scheduling tool to help…have you got any suggestions?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      Welcome to the blogging world! I hope it’s all going well so far. When scheduling blog posts, you will find that most blogging platforms have it built in.
      Here are some links that should be able to help you:

      Remember you can also schedule all your social media as well via sites like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and the platform we use, Buffer. It will save you lots of time and help you get the best out of your posts!

      I hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.


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