Where Have the 2016 Nominations Come From?

When nominations opened again in June this year we had no idea just how well they would take off. In 2015 we had over 500 blog nominations across the globe and this year we have had even more with the total at the end of the nomination stage standing at 750 unique blogs. We are proud that over the last three years the Amara Interior Blog Awards have been increasingly international and for the previous two years there have been four categories dedicated to international blogs including Best US Interior Blog, Best Australian Interior Blog, Best European Interior Blog and Best International Interior Blog.


To Demonstrate the Amara Interior Blog Award’s reach this year we asked our talented Graphic Design Team to create the GIF above which shows from which countries the 2016 nominations have come from. With nominations from the majority of continents around the globe, the IBA’s reach has travelled as far as New Zealand and it looks like we need to work on tempting South America and African interior bloggers to join the awards in 2017.

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