6 Reasons You & Your Blog Should Enter Blog Awards

Are you umming and ahhing about whether or not to enter the 2017 Amara Interior Blog Awards – or any blog awards for that matter? There are so many reasons to take the plunge and enter blog awards so we thought we would round up our favourite ones to motivate those still on the fence…

1. Networking

Being entered or entering yourself for a blog award creates numerous opportunities for you to work with the brands involved with the awards but also gives you the chance to meet other bloggers to help promote your site and is a fantastic way to source collaborations. Not just confined to the awards night itself, there are many opportunities throughout the run up to get in touch with other bloggers taking part and it also gives you the chance to reach out to the brand sponsoring your category.

Enter blog awards
Image courtesy of John Nassari

2. Increase Site Traffic

When people are searching for new blogs to read, they will frequently check out the blog award winners and shortlisters as these are guaranteed to be good reads. If you make the shortlist or even win, your traffic is certain to increase as everyone wants to see for themselves how amazing you are at blogging on your subject. We have heard first-hand from previous IBA winners that many more people and brands have sought them out after being involved in the awards each year.

enter blog awards
Image courtesy of Andrew Neel

3. Increase Self-Esteem

Simply being nominated for an award is a fantastic achievement and will give you that glowing pride feeling, which only grows if you are then shortlisted. Imagine how great you will feel if you blow everyone else out of the water and win the award? This is one of the best reasons to get involved in blog awards and it is definitely something to shout from the rooftops when you are nominated and the hopefully shortlisted.

Enter blog awards
Image courtesy of John Nassari

4. Improve Your Site’s Rankings

Being nominated for a blog awards is a great way to build links to your site be it through guest posts or voting pages. These links will instantly improve your blog’s ranking on search engines, helping new readers to find you with ease. by improving your rankings and making yourself more visible in your chosen niche you are also demonstrating your authority to any brands looking to work with new up and coming bloggers which in turn could push your rankings up even more.

Enter blog awards
Image courtesy of Edho Pratama

5. Make Blogger Friends

Being involved in a blog awards means you’re sure to meet a huge range of like-minded bloggers. These people will have the same passion and interests as you which can blossom into a lifelong friendship over time. These friends will also become sounding boards for any new ideas you have for your blog and you will can offer the same guidance to them. The interior blogging world is notoriously friendly and welcoming, so enter blog awards to get your name out there to fellow bloggers within this vibrant community.

Enter blog awards
Image courtesy of John Nassari

6. Increase Blog Awareness & Recognition

You work hard on your blog, you spend countless hours perfecting images and content to ensure that everything looks amazing and the key reason for entering blog awards is that you receive some well earned recognition for all your hard work. Winning an award motivates you to keep going and to try even harder to keep your blog at its best, which in turn could see you nominated again and again. So if you have worked really hard this yeah on making sure your blog is fanastic, treat yourself to a blog award nomination!

Have we inspired you to start to enter blog awards? If so take the plunge and nominate yourself for this year’s awards!

12 thoughts on “6 Reasons You & Your Blog Should Enter Blog Awards”

  1. Oh yes you do inspired me! The reason number 6 is my favorite one! Work hard to improve my blog is my daily mission! Thank you for sharing with us this super useful post!
    Ale – Gucki.it

  2. Too true! :) I wish I had found out about this earlier :) Would love to meet other DIY bloggers! Fingers crossed for everyone :) If you have time to check out my lifestyle/ DIY blog, would be awesome :) Thanks! hapinesswherever.wordpress.com

  3. When I started my blog I couldn’t imagine how many people – and yes I can say new friends- I would have met thanks to ItalianBark . This is absolutely the thing that makes me believe in all the efforts I put every day in my blog!
    Wish good luck to all other bloggers!! Elisabetta

  4. Very useful and motivating post.
    I’ve been blogging for just 1 year but I’d love to get a chance to get nominated, and I’d also love to know a bit more bloggers with my same interest…. Let’s try this!!!! ;-)

    1. Hi Silvy,

      Thank you for your comment! We are delighted to say that you have already been nominated in this year’s awards and your nomination email is actually due to go out today. Please keep an eye out for this and check your junk folder as this email can sometimes go straight in there. This will tell you all of the information we need from you to set up you page ready for the voting stage.

      Kind regards,

      1. Wowowow very exctining! Got the email today! I just need to find a good photo to upload! I will do asap.
        Thank you so much Emily, finger crossed !!!

  5. As a newbie I’m really excited to have come across these awards and have found out I have been nominated by quite a few peeps since they opened. I haven’t actually heard anything to say I have been nominated so not sure how the nominations phase works.
    Maria (The Interior Editor)

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thank you for your comment, I can confirm you have indeed been nominated for an Amara Interior Blog Award this year so a big congratulations! We can see from our records that the blogger communications team have emailed you three times to try and get the information from you for your nomination page. Can you please check your junk mailbox for our emails? If they are still nowhere to be seen can you please email my colleague marie.turner@amara.com or ring her on +44 (0) 1376 554442 and she will be able to tell you what we need from you for the voting stage.

      Congratulations again.

      Kind regards,

  6. I’m a newbie and got nominated and I was so thrilled to think someone did that for me. I have little chance of getting shortlisted against all the stuff competition but little old me got excited to get this far!

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