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Gorilla has been offering industry leading adhesives for over two decades. Gorilla’s ever-expanding range of adhesives are designed to be TOUGH, and now include Super Glues, Wood Glue, Specialist Tapes, Epoxies, Sealants and much more.

Gorilla Glues, Super Glues and Epoxies are recognised for their strength and versatility. Able to bond to almost any surface, and withstand extreme temperatures, you can trust the glues to reliably handle the job, from indoor household repairs, outdoor building projects, to intricate craft designs.


Gorilla Sealants are all-conditions sealants ideal for use all around the home – whether that’s indoors or outdoors. Available in white and clear, and in new smaller squeezable tubes, the formula is fast-working, long-lasting, and made for showers, bathrooms, kitchens, window and door frames, plumbing, gutters and more. Gorilla Sealants won’t shrink, yellow or crack over time and they are rain or shower ready in as little as 30 minutes.

Gorilla Tapes are designed to stick easily to smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces that ordinary tapes can’t grip. They can be used for indoor or outdoor jobs – from fixing a pipe leak, to repairing luggage, to general household repairs and more, creating an instant, long-lasting and permanent hold.

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