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Inject timeless design into any interior with the A by Amara collection. Carefully curated in a range of unique looks to suit


As the home of vibrant interiors, it’s safe to say Amara is obsessed with homeware. We are so passionate about finding the best high quality and beautifully designed products that we even created our own brand to showcase this love of interiors even more. The A by Amara collection is filled with products our buying team have searched the globe for. The brand contains not only two new trends each season, but also the continually refreshed Essential Range which includes all the everyday products no discerning home should be without.

With many items exclusively available at Amara, the collection is filled to the brim with unique designs to sit comfortably alongside your other favourite interior brands, or to stand alone in the home. So whether you are looking for hot new interior trends to make get your interior noticed, or are simply searching for some fluffy new towels after a bathroom refurb, A by Amara will help you unearth your home’s best side.

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