Roberto Cavalli

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Mirabello Carrara is a luxury home linen Company and a branch of the Caleffi Group. Specialising in high quality linens, each product combines the aesthetic style & experience of Mirabello with the unparalleled creativity of Carrara, a historic company renowned for its collections sold only in the most prestigious of international boutiques. As of 2012 Mirabello Carrara embarked on a joint venture with Robert Cavalli to become the official licensee & manufacturer of the leading Italian fashion house’s bed linen, toweling and soft furnishing collections.

One of the best known fashion designers in the world, Roberto Cavalli is an icon of style and glamour for stars & women everywhere. This undeniable creative flair allows for the production of unique and high quality collections for the household which are coveted worldwide.

‘There is no difference between the thinking behind designing a clothing line and a homeware line.
My lifestyle is always hugely driven by passion…’Roberto Cavalli.

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