This year we have ten categories in which you can nominate the unmissable interior blogs you catch up with every day. Each category has certain judging criteria which should be read carefully before you nominate your favourite blog and please bear in mind the general rules below for every nomination:

  • This year we have split each category into three territories (UK, US and the rest of the world) once a blog has been nominated we will confirm with them which territory they fall under, so please just nominate your favourite blogs based on their content.
  • The blog must be live at the time of nomination and they must have posted in the last three months
  • Blogs can be nominated more than once and into more than one category. However those nominated in more than one category will only appear in the category they receive the most nominations for
  • If we feel the blog is not interior related we reserve the right to disregard it from the awards entirely
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any blogs that we have found to publish any offensive or discriminatory material
  • All blogs must be written in English for the judges to be able to determine writing quality
  • Each blog only needs to be nominated ONCE to get through to the voting stage of the Amara Interior Blog Awards
  • The voting stage opens Wednesday 15th August 2018 – this is when you should ask for voting support from your friends, family and followers to make it onto the shortlists

Once you have nominated your favourite blog don’t forget to share it so that others can nominate the interior blogs they love to read too.

Please note that this year the judging day will take place during the voting stage. The blogs with the most votes at the end of the voting stage will be awarded points along with those the judges select as their favourite blogs in each category, these points will then be combined to create an overall score. The top 5 scoring blogs from every category across each territory will form the 2018 shortlist, with the highest scoring blog in each crowned as the winner at the awards ceremony.

Who are the Judges?

The Amara Interior Blog Awards source leading experts in the interiors world to choose the best blog from each category shortlist.

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The Categories

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Best Colour Inspiration Blog

The most colourful blogs that can be found, those in this category are pros at seeking out the best combinations using the most stylish of hues. Expertly guiding their readers through the spectrum, these blogs bring a bold splash of colour to our lives. Blogs in the Best Colour Inspiration category should have:

  • Documentation on the colourful aspects of the interior design world
  • Explorations into the colour spectrum and the endless colour combinations within it
  • High quality images to demonstrate these colour combinations
  • Fun and interesting insights into this vast and varied aspect of interior design

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This category is being judged by:

Best Company Blog

For the blogs you love to browse from companies with their own products and services, but who also place a strong emphasis on the industry as a whole. The Best Company Blog Award is for those created predominantly for business benefit. Experts in their field, these blogs are engaging, informative and always on brand. All nominees for the Best Company Blog Award must:

  • Offer products and services on their websites along with a dedicated interior blog
  • Clearly establish they are an authority within the industry
  • Ensure that their blog remains consistently on brand with the rest of the website
  • Should endeavour to explore the latest trends and interior news without solely focusing on their own organisation and products
  • This category also includes organisations, schools, charities and interior magazines

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This category is being judged by:

Best Craft Blog

For those that love to carefully create a variety of home accessories on their blog, the Best Craft Blog Award is for the blogs that focus on small crafting projects using their own bare hands and a few essential tools. A testament to creativity and handmade design, these blogs should exhibit:

  • A focus on small crafting projects for the home
  • High quality images with clear, easy to follow instructions
  • Inexpensive craft solutions

Sponsored by Ugg®

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This category is being judged by:

Best Design Inspiration Blog

For those that love to explore the great depths of interior design, this category is for the out of the box thinkers that take a finer tuned look at the industry through the examination of furniture, products & trends. Each blog nominated for the Best Design Inspiration category needs to:

  • Engage readers through the examination of specific products within the interior industry, as opposed to focusing entirely on showcasing whole design projects
  • Accompany each post and insight with high resolution images to inspire readers as much as possible
  • Have their finger on the pulse of current interior trends and demonstrate how readers can work these into their own homes

Sponsored by Roberto Cavalli

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This category is being judged by:

Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog

From entire room transformations to individual furniture projects, the blogs nominated in this category are the best out there for DIY and home improvement inspiration. For those that have the impressive talent of creating enviable interiors using their own DIY knowhow, these blogs create unique interiors all on their own and show you how to do the same. Nominees for the Best DIY & Home Improvement Blog Award should exhibit:

  • Focus on large DIY projects such as whole rooms or large furniture pieces
  • Insightful do-it-yourself tips and projects, each with clear step-by-step instructions for readers to carry out at home
  • High quality images alongside instructions to assist with each task
  • An emphasis on creating home interior features yourself without outside help

Sponsored by Gorilla Glue

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This category is being judged by:

Best Interior Designer Blog

Juggling your interior design business and keeping your blog up to date is no easy task, but these bloggers take it all in their stride. With a strong commitment to the world of interior design, these blogs are the ultimate trend setters. Blogs in the Best Interior Designer Blog category should:

  • Be an established interior designer who also explores the latest trends and news within the interior industry, not just their own projects & events
  • Demonstrate they are a leading expert in this field
  • Remain on brand with the rest of their website
  • Interior design companies can also be entered into this category

Sponsored by Tom Dixon

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This category is being judged by:

Best Interior Lifestyle Blog

For the blogs who love travel, fashion and beauty as much as they love interiors, the Best Interior Lifestyle Blog Award is dedicated to those that love to cover all lifestyle topics. Always impeccably stylish no matter the content, the Best Lifestyle Interior Blog nominees must:

  • Publish at least one interiors related post a month
  • Accompany each post with inspiring, high quality and relevant images
  • Demonstrate expertise in each lifestyle field

Sponsored by eve Sleep

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This category is being judged by:

Best Newcomer Blog

The interior blogging world is full of rising new talents who are already inspiring us to try new things with our home decor. This category is designed to give those that started their blogging journey after December 2016 some well-earned recognition. All blogs in the category must:

  • Have been created after 1st January 2017
  • Exhibit a clear understanding of the interior industry
  • Have a consistent and informative style of writing
  • Demonstrate breakthrough potential and talent in their chosen specific field

Sponsored by Humanscale

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This category is being judged by:

Best Use of Photography Blog

Imagery can make or break a blog and this award is for the blog that goes further than the rest to exhibit the most outstanding original photography throughout the site. A talented photographer, the blogger’s imagery will be an inspiration to readers for both their interiors and their own photography projects.

  • The majority of imagery on the blog must be the blogger’s own
  • The imagery should have a consistent and recognisable style throughout the blog

Sponsored by Leica

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This category is being judged by:

Best Written Blog

For those that love to craft a masterpiece with their words, this award is reserved for the best writers in the interior blogging industry who go one step beyond the rest with their writing quality. From funny and light-hearted reads to in-depth and educational posts, these nominees will all have.

  • Impeccable writing and grammatical skills
  • A recognisable writing style throughout the blog which is both entertaining & educating

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This category is being judged by:

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Bloggers’ Choice

It is not possible to nominate any blogs for the Bloggers’ Choice Award, the 2018 nominated bloggers will select the recipient of this award from all of the shortlisted blogs. This blog will exemplify the best interior content and design in the industry and will be named as the leading blog for overall outstanding quality.

Sponsored by LSA

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