Top Home Offices we are in Love With – February

It’s a brand new year, so if you work from home now is the time to create or update your home office to keep you motivated to continue blogging well into 2017. From chic colour schemes to innovative storage solutions, there are so many inspiring office designs out there and here are our top five for February…


1. Five Doors Down Office at Lordship Park – Plastolux


Lordship Park is a large Victorian photographic location house in London with four distinctly styled floors. Five Doors Down is Plastolux’s favourite floor which includes this dark and sultry office. With on-trend inky blue walls and flooing, it benefits from large windows to bring light into the dramatic space and the touches of rich tan wood adds a dash of warmth without ruining the striking effect of the room.

Image courtesy of Plastolux

Image courtesy of DIY Crafty Projects


2. Upcycled Wooden Crate Office – DIY Crafty Projects


Home offices don’t have to be all function and no form, if you are a crafty person make sure this is visible through your office decor. We have seen many ways to add your own personality to your office space and one of our favourite this month is this DIY crate desk which will add rustic charm to the room, paired with a map of the world and subtle antique artefacts it will help inspire your blogging adventures.

3. Scandinavian Chic Office – Coté Maison


Scandinavian design only seems to be increasing in popularity year on year so creating a Scandinavian style home office is an investment which will remain current for years to come. Simple shades of light wood and white with pops of grey and yellow, create a soothing environment whilst the geometric inspired wallpaper, shelving boxes and rug add intrigue to boost creativity.

Image courtesy of Gwenaëlle Hoyet

Image courtesy of McGrath II

4. Home Office & Guest Bedroom Combo – McGrath II

The spare bedroom of any home is one of the hardest working rooms in the entire house and is frequently required as a multifunctional space, including offices, guest bedrooms, or even workout spaces. One of the most common room combinations is a home office come guest bedroom and for those short on space, a daybed or sofa bed is a fabulously practical accessory to serve as a relaxing spot in the day to enjoy a break from work or a guest bed in the evening.

5. Luxurious Built-In Double Office – Amie Corley


Built-in desks and bookshelves are a fantastic way to maximise the space in a home office and they can even utilise unused space in other areas of the home including landings and hallways. This office by Amie Corley is perched on an upstairs landing and has enough space for two desk areas and the rich green and blush pink colour palette with luxe touches of brass is also inspiring.

Image courtesy of Amie Corley

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