UGG is a premium lifestyle brand, dedicated to delivering the best in luxurious comfort. Most renowned for the iconic Classic boot, the brand has since expanded into fashion lines for women, men, kids, loungewear and now UGG Home.

UGG products feel like nothing else, they deliver an experience that is timeless; the feeling you get when you slip on a pair of UGG shoes or wrap yourself in the softness of an UGG blanket, is incomparable.

The original UGG silhouette came from the surfing communities of Australia, until one particular surfer named Brian Smith took some pairs with him to the shores of California where the UGG Australia brand officially took off.

Born on the beach and loved on the streets, the roots of this brand have evolved significantly since its first inception back in 1978. Since the 2000s and Oprah Winfrey’s first declaration of love for UGG, it has gone from strength to strength, worn and adored all around the globe.

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