Christy have been close to customers since 1850, with bedding and towels some of the most intimate objects in our house. They touch our skin, keep us warm and make us feel comfortable in our homes. They are products for our most vulnerable moments: beyond mere functional items to dry our skin or sleep within. Good quality bedding and towelling provide us with valuable moments of indulgent luxury that lift our daily routine. At Christy, they understand the importance of closeness to our wellbeing, and they make products that transform these moments into something all the more special.

As the inventor of the towel in 1850, Christy truly is the original home linen brand.  Their most iconic collaboration with The Wimbledon Championship produces the only towel used on court by the players through the years. Through heritage, innovation and originality Christy products are sold the world over to customers who desire quality and style that has stood the test of time with a little extra luxury.