Interview with Emily Murray of The Pink House #IBA16’s Best New Blog

One of the most memorable winners at the Amara Interior Blog Awards last year was of course Emily Murray, creator of The Pink House. Who could forget her signature neon pink t-shirt and its even more colourful (and sweary) lettering on the back? It’s been a while now since The Pink House was awarded the Best Newcomer Blog Award, so we caught up with Emily on how it felt to win and what’s in store for The Pink House this year…


The Pink House

Image courtesy of The Pink House

How did it feel when The Pink House won the Best Newcomer Blog Award?

I was tickled pink! Having just launched The Pink House blog and business on 29 February, this felt like the perfect start to my new career. I’d always planned to set up my own business after having kids, and winning the Amara IBA award has given me extra confidence to think big. It’s such a lovely feeling to know people appreciate all the hard work I put in. It also felt blurry, due to alcohol and quite sweary, due to the slightly inappropriate t-shirt.


The Pink House

Image courtesy of The Pink House

The judges loved your Husband Styling Challenge post; what inspires your unique content ideas?

I’ve been a lifestyle journalist for more than 12 years, and one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned (thanks Lisa Smosarski, Deborah Joseph, et al) is how to give a story a unique spin. When I start planning a post, I always think, ‘how can I make this totally fresh?’ The real fun in writing is finding my own voice and doing things in my own style – even if that means coming across like a mad woman with a pink obsession (I am a mad woman with a pink obsession).

For me, the best posts – whether sponsored or otherwise – are rooted in truth; the more your readers can identify with what you’re writing, the better. I try to use humour to get my point across, but this is basically the same thing as truth; on the whole, things are funny BECAUSE they’re true. All the interior stuff just follows on.

As for the Pink House Husband: he’s good comic fodder because he’s amusingly grumpy, but despite himself can’t help joining in my madcap schemes. Whenever I quote the PHH in a post, it’s word-for-word what he really said. I literally follow him around with a notepad. He loves it.


The Pink House

Image courtesy of The Pink House

What made you take the leap to start your own blog?

For me, a good blog is essentially an online magazine – it’s just that, as a blogger, you take responsibility for every role in that magazine, from editor, writer and photographer, to advertising manager, art director and publisher. I wanted to use my background in magazines, advertising and PR and start my own business, so launching a blog seemed like the obvious thing to do. I’ve always enjoyed doing lots of different things too, so this job suits me very well; no two days are the same, and I NEVER get bored.

I had no idea how much of a crazy ride starting a blog was going to be. Since The Pink House’s launch in February, I’ve pranced about in fairy lights for Marks & Spencer; created and launched a bar in River Island’s Oxford Street flagship store; holidayed in the Martinhal five star family resort in Portugal; forced the Pink House Husband to taste test milk for money; stayed in and reviewed some of my favourite five star hotels across the UK; taken delivery of some amazing products including A-lister bed linen, trophy stag heads, dead butterflies and pink neon signs; been sponsored by Pinkster gin; organised professional photoshoots for top rug company Wendy Morrison Design in my own home; thrown a party for 65 women; been featured in Grazia, Glamour, Stylist, Evening Standard, Smallish, i-on, EKBB, Apartment Therapy, etc. etc…


The Pink House

Image courtesy of The Pink House

What do you have planned for The Pink House blog in 2017?

Loads more entertaining-and-useful content; features in Good Homes magazine, Design Sponge, A Beautiful Mess and more; lots more collaborations with brilliant, beautiful brands; plenty more Instagram posts (I’m a bit obsessed – @pinkhouseliving); shed loads of colour and fun; plans for The Pink House’s first book; bants with the PHH. And absolutely nothing boring, clichéd or beige.

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  1. Anne Marie Says :

    Posted on March 18, 2017 at 8:37 pm

    Yep, this woman definitely has her own way of writing (which I love by the way). Even reading this post made me laugh !

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