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The IBA Blog works in connection with the Amara Interior Blog Awards to celebrate the world of interior blogging. From awards updates to blogging tips and inspiration, the IBA Blog is designed to provide invaluable information for those considering starting a blog, are new to the industry or are looking to build on their already established blog. We are always looking for guest writers to add to our blogging tips and inspiration selection so if you have any innovative and helpful post ideas we would love to read them!

Editorial Guidelines

The IBA Blog focuses on the more technical aspects of blogging from tools and apps to use, to motivational subjects to inspire bloggers to keep going with all of their hard work. We are therefore looking for guest posts of original ideas or new angles on popular topics in these areas which our readers will find inspiring and informational. We strive for the utmost in quality, so will only accept well written and well-crafted pieces. Articles should be upwards of 600 words or between 5-10 tips in length and all content must be unique. Even if you have your own blog or website please do not use the same content for an article on your site.

Please take a look back over previous articles published on the IBA Blog so you are aware of our style and the usual layout of how we put our posts together. We do not have time to spend on editing your work and checking for mistakes, so ensure before you submit your post it has been thoroughly proofread, anything mistake heavy will not be used. Links are welcome within the piece as long as they are relevant, you can also link to your own website or blog.

With any article submissions we will also require the contributor to provide imagery with accurate credits & relevant captions. Images are the key to a great post, so please provide eye-catching imagery that is relevant to the topic and of high quality. They should be sent in jpeg form using WeTransfer and should be at a minimum 1000×1000 pixels. Once your post is published help us share the word by posting across your social media accounts from Twitter to Google+.

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